NBA Jam: On Fire Edition is now free for PSN Plus members

issac clarke dead space nba jam

As a PlayStation Network Plus user, you can bet your ass I’m looking forward to the next free game PSN has to offer. This week Plus subscribers will be able to get their hands on NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. Boom shakalaka!

I haven’t gotten a chance to play this game yet, but I was a huge fan of the series back in the day of the Genesis and SNES. I’m not really into sports games, so when Midway released a basketball game that allowed me to slam dunk from a super jump or shoot a ball on fire, I was sold. Not only that, but I was able to play as Bill Clinton. In NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, you’ll be able to play as many secret characters including Isaac Clarke from Dead Space and Faith from Mirror’s Edge.

So instead of paying the regular cost of the game, you can now get it for free if you have PSN Plus.

Source: PS Blog

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