‘Gamestick’ Kickstarter – Mobile gaming from your pocket to TV

Gamestick, the world’s most portable TV gaming console, needs your campaign to gain theirs on Kickstarter. Launched today it already has 600 backers, and $54,000 of the $100,000 goal has been fulfilled.


Gamestick is both console and controller for the TV. It’s a cross between the mobile platform and the isolated networks that consoles entail. There are games worth playing not found on $500 console systems, and most would agree that there are games on mobile platforms worth playing especially on a bigger screen rather than 7 to 13 inches. “There are over 1,416,338,245 TVs in the world but less than 1% are used to play games! Crazy.” — Crazy indeed. That’s the headlining luring statement on Gamestick’s Kickstarter’s bio.

A strong beta group of developers and their titles have already announced a following: Medfinger (Shadowgun and Dead Trigger), Hutch (SmashCops), Supersecret Software (Cannabalt), First Star (Boulder Dash XL), FGOL (Hungry Shartk, Grabatron, Pool Bar), and Relentless Software (Quiz Climber, Blue Toad Murder Files).

Follow this link and after the jump, judge it for yourself. You might be surprised on how much you want one.

Kickstarter.com – GAMESTICK

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