CES 2013 – Top 5 Electronics Hot List

CES 2013The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 is fast approaching with just over a week away of preparation time left. Thousands of companies will be in Las Vegas; some we are familiar with and many others that are trying to get our attention. However, all of these companies have one thing in common – showcase what consumers want in 2013. Every year is different and as always there are a handful of electronics that everyone wants to look at, play with, and dreams to have in their hands when finally released to the public.

Here is a top 5 hot and buzzworthy list of electronics and their companies making an impression at CES 2013.


IGZO Display – Mobile, Computer, & Television Screens


Sharp’s Crystalline IGZO display – 498 pixels per inch compared to the iPhone 5’s 326 PPI Retina DIsplay

The resolution arms race is heating up more than ever these days. Mobile, computer, and television companies are all looking to the future in replacing silicon in their devices. With semiconductor indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) manufactures can do away with the LCD display and shrink pixel size making a sharper screen. And of course energy consumption will be even less than the highest rated energy star screen out there today. At CES 2012 we saw the bendable organic light-emitting diode display (OLED). Fast forward a few months later and Apple rumors of developing their highly secret, highly anticipated television device with the use of OLED emerged. LG and Sharp have already announced they will feature their latest IGZO displays at CES 2013. Expect most major television companies to do the same.

Augmented Reality – App’s & Wearable Devices

Google Glass Project

Google Glass Project

The coolest ideas behind augmented reality sound a bit futuristic but make no mistake – it is getting real. Most of today’s augmented reality takes form in apps on smartphones and tablets. Taking advantage of GPS coordinates and electronic compasses, programs are able to identify where you are and the direction you are facing. Combining the camera and internet connection, data is uploaded and stored at any given location in-turn placing graphics over objects and buildings in the cameras field of view. Google’s Project Glass takes Augmented Reality a step further featuring a clear display above the right eye in a pair of wearable glasses. UK based Juniper Research Group released an October 2012 report that the wearable glasses market, which includes smart glasses, will top $1.5billion by 2014 in comparison to the 2012’s $800 million value. Combine everything mentioned plus smartphone-like functions and Google may have the next iPhone mainstream product in the next 10 years.

Televisions – 4K, OLED, & App Capable

Samsung Powerhouse Nerd Reactor - CES 2012

Samsung Powerhouse – Nerd Reactor CES 2012

In a 2009 Nielsen Report it was estimated that more than half the homes in the U.S. have three or more TVs. Flash forward to 2012 with the world economy taking a turn for the worse and reports showing a decline in television purchases, there are still hundreds of millions of units in households today and being sold. Samsung was among the many who displayed new 4K and bendable OLED television sets at last year’s CES 2012. Smaller, thinner, higher resolution and eco friendly all packed into one is the driving force. Although priced higher than what the average consumer typically spends, at CES 2013 hopes are that a more affordable version and a years’ worth of tech advancements will be showcased. Out of the box app filled units were also everywhere at CES 2012. Social network, streaming – you name it and your TV already had it. Chances are if you purchased a television during this past year or updated the firmware to an internet ready unit you have already seen the pouring of apps associated with them. Expect a more in-line, smoother manufactures approach at CES 2013.



Tablets 2013

Cousin of the computer, step-brother of the smartphone, the tablet is finally taking consumers by storm. At the start, most electronic consumers were not impressed with what tablets had to offer. Tablets were and still are bigger, bulkier, heavier, and have the same functions that most convenient smartphones possess. But add a couple years of advancements in processors, weight of components, screen resolution, and a change of ideology as to why we would ever use a tablet and voila – tablets everywhere! From online retailer Amazon, simplistic Apple, component juggernaut Asus, and even to the last standing brick and mortar nationwide book store, Barnes & Noble, tablets are here to stay. Expect distinct divisions at CES 2013 between Samsung, Google, Sony, and Asus as each are determined to display new designs and features like Asus’s Transformer series QWETRY keyboard dock or the possible Google Nexus with Intel’s new Bay Trail-T processor.

Automotive Electronics – Everyday Hands On & Under The Hood


Ford Mustang SYNC TECH Review – Nerd Reactor 2012

Finally, some of the electronic gadgets are being found in a place some might not be expecting. CES reports that 2013 will be a record setting year – “most number of top automotive manufactures to exhibit”. Audi, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Kia, and Subaru are among the major companies presenting in 2013. Featuring the array of innovative automotive products, the exhibit floor will feature TechZones revolving around today’s latest automotive technologies. Expected is Fords SYNC technology which is leading the car manufacturer industry in consumer electronics needs and General Motors former exclusive product, OnStar: Driver assistance solutions and services. Not only will devices that are hands on to the everyday driver be showcased but what is under the hood will also be displayed. Automatic parking assist, augmented windshield displays, and ultra efficient electric cars and their features will all be showcased at CES 2013. One of the most anticipated conference sessions that has the eyes and ears of all CES: Are Automakers Running the Aftermarket Off the Road?  With an all time low for aftermarket automotive technology, this conference session will bout automotive and aftermarket executives head to head in this heated debate. And at what better place than at CES!

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