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Instagram has been a staple for many a young phoneographer since its release in October of 2010. With a variety of interesting filters, borders, and blur options, it became the go-to app for anyone who believes others would be fascinated by images of their breakfast, in sepia. Now with the recent buyout of Instagram by internet giant Facebook, the Terms of Service have changed. One interesting little segment states that Instagram MAY use any image uploaded to or through it with partnering advertisers. Simply stated, this means that you may be the next face of Viagra or Vagisil without your direct consent. Worst of all, you won’t even get paid for it.

A recent blog post from Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom stated that Instagram does not INTEND to sell photos and would rather try advertising that feels more appropriate. What does this mean? Abso-F&)$%#g-lutely nothing. He simply states that this is not their first choice, but that they may still use any image you upload without separate consent. Exactly what did we expect from such an immensely popular ad-free app? We won’t know for sure until mid-January.


Is there an alternative? Well, Twitter is getting ready to launch their own photo filter application, and Flickr is welcoming anyone who jumps ship. There are a multitude of apps that offer more variation in filters and blurry options to users, but for the time being it is the only app with a social media focus.

All of this, not to mention Instagram is now being hit with a class action lawsuit according to

So, breakfast bloggers, get outta’ there. Is it really worth giving up the rights to your own creations just for a few filters? Next time, think twice before you click this button:


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