RoosterTeeth presents a Mega Man X short film…amazing

Untitled2Well it’s Christmas Eve here and families and friends are getting ready to celebrate Christmas tomorrow. Just a few days ago RoosterTeeth uploaded a video that I would consider the best gift ever.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of all things Mega Man, Shane Newville, with a team that also consists of Monty Oum, created a fan-made film featuring Mega Man X in all kinds of awesome action with martial arts and the famous mega buster.

A seven-minute video, which is a must watch for Mega Man X fans, leads into an X vs. Zero battle. Make sure you watch through to the end because we may be seeing another video down the line.

I won’t spoil anything else, but man the team has really been impressing me over the years, especially with Red vs. Blue…but this just leaves me wanting to see what else they can do.

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