Iron Man PC case mod


Ron L. Christianson is a graphic arts designer who enjoys painting, sculpting, and modeling. Besides doing his day job, he also is a case mod designer and his Iron Man PC case mod is proof of just that.

Over the course of last year right up until summer, Christianson was commissioned by Thermaltake to create an Iron Man case that was featured in Taipei’s, Computex.

It started with Thermaltake’s Armor Revo Gene Snow Edition and ended up a working Arc Reactor, Iron Man’s internal HUD, Captain America references similar to what the Iron Man movies had done, and missile/counter measures on each side panel of the case.


Christianson is currently completing a Biohazard/Resident Evil mod, and plans on doing several more with the Avenger themes in mind.

We’ll take two of each character.

Source: ThermaltakeUSA

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