Age of Wushu Beta Hits U.S. servers


One of the most anticipated free MMOs of the year, Age of Wushu, finally makes its way to American beta testers this Thursday, December 20, 2012! This beautiful martial arts-inspired MMO is currently the #1 most-played free MMO in China. Its long awaited Western debut has sprung some interesting questions, for which we received our answers from Snail Game’s own Tyler Rawlins (Content Lead/Product Manager).

Let’s jump in and go straight to some simple explanations and comparisons of Age of Wushu to currently public MMOs.

Leveling and Advancement: I can’t express how glad I am that another MMO has chosen to stray from the average character level based system and back to a skill system. Similar to Star Wars: Galaxies, the system in Wushu lets you improve a character’s martial art level and obtain new skills from other schools.

Combat: While seemingly unique, it follows the age old MMO path of timer-based hit box combat. Similar titles include The Old Republic and Guild Wars 1. The system also incorporates a Rock-Paper-Scissors system for ability counters. Three colors represent different ability types and their counterpart color. This adds an element of strategy to planning your attack bar. While many players have focused on a single role in MMOs, Age of Wushu gives you the opportunity to include defensive and evasive abilities in your main set.

Crafting: While we didn’t get to see this system in depth, we did get to witness the “Crafters Battle” which largely resembled a match of Bejeweled. The rest seemed pretty solid. Gathering and main crafting professions as well as combat buff professions make for an interesting player economy. Seems close to World of Warcraft with a Bejeweled infusion.

This is just a rough first impression. Stay tuned for more coverage as we explore the beta and all that the land of Wushu has to offer.

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