Kojima takes a bite out of Snake and Raiden for Metal Gear 25th anniversary

Metal Gear Bento

Kojima has posted on his Twitter pictures of the Metal Gear Bento for the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear featuring Solid Snake and Raiden. I like how Snake is still preserved in the picture below, as if Kojima and crew are in a hurry to get rid of Raiden. Well, at least we know where Raiden will end up once they’re done digesting him.

Kojima mentions that the Metal Gear Bento is made of mashed potato and seaweed bandana. The hair and beard are made from green onion, and the eyes are made from quail eggs. The eye color is made from tapioca. Mmm, I’d like to have a bite out of a Naomi Hunter or Sniper Wolf bento, that is if they made one.

metal gear raiden bento

That is the saddest Snake I have ever seen. Why so sad, Snake? I know for certain it’s NOT because Raiden is being eaten.

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