How aboot going to ReactorCon, eh? A Canadian in Los Angeles tale


A great sense of accomplishment coursed through my veins this past November. Nerd Reactor hosted our very own convention, ReactorCon, and to call it a success would be be putting it lightly. Thousands of con goers were seen at the Frank and Son convention center on November 24th, and this lucky writer was able to make the trip down to SoCal from Canada to help out.

Let me regale you with some of the things I experienced that fateful weekend…

Thursday November 22nd

I come in to land at LAX airport at around 9:15 at night local, and as stereotypical as it may be I am in awe at the amount of lights I see underneath the plane. After a quick jot down the jet bridge to the baggage claim I realize that I am FINALLY going to meet the NR crew! As I patiently wait for my baggage, a cool looking dude in a leather jacket strolls up to me and introduces himself as the big cheese, Mr. John ‘Spartan’ Nguyen. After a quick chat about the warm weather we hop into his car and set off on the first night’s adventure.

After a short drive to downtown LA and meeting up with fellow Reactorite JR Cajigas, we quickly decide on a restaurant. The Korean epilepsy restaurant. That’s not really the name, but this restaurant would put a nightclub to shame with the amount of flashiness going on. We soon get some delicious grub to eat and *ahem* a couple pitchers of beer where as the night progressed from this:

Tie on...

Tie on…

To this:

Tie off...

Tie off…

Before long I am ready to pass out because of the jet lag, so we settle our bills and make plans to reconvene on Friday.

Friday November 23rd

I wake up and finally get to enjoy all of this “sun” I’ve been hearing so much about. I can ACTUALLY wear shorts in the middle of November! (Considering my plane had to de-ice leaving Ottawa, this is a pretty big deal for me). This novelty is not quite as big a deal for Steve Nguyen (fellow NR writer and all around funny guy) who comes to pick me up for some all-American grub.

Now to be clear I had never been to or even heard of an “In N Out”, so I was a little skeptical when Steve ordered me a “4×4 with animal style fries” This is what came out:

"It was heart stoppingl delicious" - Eric's artery

“It was heart stoppingly delicious” – Eric’s artery

Nothing says all-American like eating a greasy, delicious burger and fries in the back of a truck on a nice, sunny Californian day. I’m also the world’s most attractive eater, as you can clearly see below:

Lock up your daughters, lock up your wife

“Lock up your daughters, lock up your wife”

After the burgers Steve and I hit up Fry’s Electronics (on Black Friday, not the smartest of moves) and then hit up Camelot Golfland where Steve smoked me at both fighting and driving games. Friday finished off nicely by meeting some of the other folks of the NR crew and consuming more sushi than I ever thought possible while discussing…

Saturday November 24th

The big day was finally here! With all the waiting around and last minute preparations complete, I piled into Sub Zero’s car (I’ll explain later) and we made the trip down to the Frank and Son Collectible Show in the city of Industry to finish setting up the show. Thanks to everyone’s hard work the show was quickly put together and the con goers quickly started pouring in.

The guests for this show were not only incredible performers and professionals, but were really laid back and great people all around. The con-goers as well as the staff were treated to performances by: Johnny Yong Bosch and his band Eyeshine, Silent Hill musical writer and singer/guitarist Joe Romersa, a free running/combat performance by Xin Wuku and the EMC monkeys (I’m still cleaning up the silly string) as well as many panels and of videos such as this one, entitled Batman Maybe.


The con also featured some very special guests including Superman himself, the one and only Dean Cain, who was more than happy to pose for photos and sign autographs for the legions of fans waiting in line.

ReactorCon - D7K_6736 (Medium)

The beautiful and very nice Mackenzie Mason (Halo 4) was also in attendance and had an especially cute moment when she allowed a very soft spoken fan to take a picture with her as he held her in his arms.  I was also able to discuss The Red Green Show with the wonderful Maragaret Kerry (The original reference actress for the one and only Tinkerbell from Disney’s Peter Pan). One of the many highlights of the day.

ReactorCon - D7K_6937 (Medium)

As the con winded down, it was finally time for the long awaited Cosplay Contest, hosted by our very own Alger Alama! Quite a few cosplayers turned up to win some awesome prizes and wow the judges with their costuming skill, including a Scorpion cosplayer who was seen facing off with our very own John Nguyen (the Sub Zero I mentioned before).

For a look at our guests and Cosplay photos, check out our ReactorCon website and photo gallery here.

Sunday November 25th

Sadly, as soon as it started, my trip was now coming to an end. After a night of karaoke and arcade gaming to celebrate our recent endeavor, the NR crew met up for some brunch at Porto’s Cuban Bakery (Yum!) and then it was off to the airport!

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that looked after me on this trip, especially our editor in chief Mr. John Nguyen. I met some truly wonderful people on this trip and not once did I feel like an outsider (minus all the Canada jokes). John once told me that NR is like a family, and with all the kindness and generosity that was shown my way on this trip, I can say that’s exactly how it is.

Another special thanks to all the NR fans who came out and supported us, we couldn’t have done it without you and here’s hoping that we see you at next year’s ReactorCon!

John, co-founder Narvin and myself

John, co-founder Narvin and myself

Source: Cosplay in America

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