Star Trek Into Darkness: First nine minutes in heaven


So I saw The Hobbit last night and witnessed the first NINE minutes of the Star Trek movie. Let’s begin.

Possible Spoilers Ahead

Set in a futuristic urban city (tall skyscrapers, flying cars – probably London because of the accents), we see Noel Clarke (Doctor Who fans – it’s Mickey Smith!) and his wife wake up from their home and¬† visit their sick daughter (who appears in a coma-like state). They are told some devastating news by the doctor (you see them tearing up/crying). Clarke’s character walks outside frustrated. Then a recognizable voice begins to speak: “I can save her.” When Clarke turns around, we see Benedict Cumberbatch‘s character.

We then cut to a scene on a distant planet – Class M Planet. We see Kirk (Chris Pine) – holding a relic – and Bones (Karl Urban) running away from an Aztec-looking temple in a covered garb from the inhabitants of the planet. The inhabitants are white and chalky with either ceremonial paint or tattoo lines with black eyes. They shoot arrows at Bones and Kirk – the 3D images of this was pretty cool. I actually kinda moved to try to avoid the fake arrow. So that was pretty awesome. In the background, we see a volcano erupting violently.


Meanwhile, on a shuttle craft nearby the volcano, Uhura (Zoe Saldana) is putting an environmental safety suit on Spock (Zachary Quinto). She makes a joke that she should be going instead of him, which Spock finds illogical since he has the suit on already (cue Vulcan humor). Spock has a device called ‘the Ice Cube’ that would calm the volcano and save the inhabitants of the planet. He is sent down by Sulu (John Cho) and Uhura into the volcano. Due to the strength of the volcano’s seismic activity, their shuttle craft cannot handle hovering over the volcano and they have to abort. They try to pull Spock up, but the cable is snapped and he falls onto a rock inside the volcano. Sulu and Uhura head back to the Enterprise.

Back to Kirk and Bones as they are running for their lives, Kirk places the artifact he stole on a tree which stops the inhabitants from chasing them. We learn that Kirk stole a scroll to get the inhabitants safely away from their temple – which was destroyed by the erupting volcano lava. Their Prime Directive is to save the planet without being seen by the inhabitants. trek

They escape to the cliff and dive into the sea. Underneath their robes, they are wearing a Trek wetsuit with a breathing apparatus heading towards the bottom of the ocean… where we see NCC-1701. The Enterprise is hidden underwater?! They are greeted by Scotty (Simon Pegg) with his concerns about the Enterprise being underwater for several days, but Kirk wants to know how Spock is doing.

They enter the bridge with Chekov (Anton Yelchin), Uhura and Sulu waiting for them. They still have radio contact with Spock who assures them he can set the device but his survival is unlikely. They cannot teleport him off the volcano because of the strong magnetic fields, but maybe “with a line of sight”, they could. But that would mean the inhabitants would be able to see Enterprise – violating their Prime Directive. Spock insists they leave him. Cue in funny soft moment – Scotty is standing next to a clear window and sees a giant alien fish swim near him and scare him before swimming away.


They lose contact with Spock and Kirk asks Bones “If I were there, and he were here, what would Spock do?” Bones replies “He’d leave you.”

Back to Spock, we see him open the device and the seismic activity increases around him. He closes his eyes and accepts death.

AND then the nine minutes are over…


This looks good. REAL GOOD. We know Spock comes out alive, so we do know they break the Prime Directive, which makes sense because there is a clip in the trailer of Kirk in the brig (maybe punishment for breaking the Prime Directive). This is a guess.

I cannot wait for this movie, but if you want to see this clip for yourself, go watch The Hobbit IMAX 3D. Star Trek Into Darkness looks pretty amazing in 3D.

There are still no hints of who Benedict Cumberbatch is still, but the words “I can save her” is echoing in my head. Also, he is a terrorist (from the interviews Cumberbatch gave about who his character is). I’m overanalyzing, but this looks good.

Star Trek Into Darkness comes out on May 17th, 2013 in IMAX 3D.

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