Winners announced for Futurama Vol 7 DVD Contest

Futurama Vol 7 DVD box shotWe ran two contests side by side, the Futurama Volume 7 and the Walking Dead Novel Contest. Oh yeah, I’m a bit behind on announcing the winners. For the Futurama contest, our contestants had to come up with a crappy job from the present that would turn out to be a cool job in the future. Simple enough, yes? But first, here are the runner-ups.


Manuel Granillo

A clean up guy for porn sets. You’d still be scrubbing and wiping away gunk off of things but at least you’d get to watch robots, aliens, and mutants make it.

Joe Giangiulio

A job that I’d hate would be a Dry Ice dealer. I mean, come on! Nobody buys this kinda stuff! Now in the future, a specific Alien Race could use it for food or as a aphrodisiac. I would sell millions, MILLIONS!!! Sadly, at this present day I’d be stuck on a strict budget :/

And the Winners Are…

Zach Zimmerman

Crappy job I’d hate: Special Effects Animator, in charge of “remastering” Star Wars movies, and the TV series.

How it’d be awesome in the 3000s: A Star Wars cult, with an original, theatrical-cut VHS copy of New Hope, travels back in time for your help. You’d be the guy in charge of REMOVING the added material.
This would be a full time job, as Lucas’ head-in-a-bowl would have hired others to continue remastering. His THX-1138 guys, and any fan he pulled into the darkside, would try to kill you as well.

Michael Jean-Francois

A Writer/Contributor/Staff Member of NERD REACTOR.

In 2012, these people were ridiculed. Made fun of. And banished to basements, and specialty stores. They found solace and safe haven on the internet.

In the distant future, due to a freak accident at NR HQ…. To make a long story short, one of the male staffers, had a date with…. get this. A REAL WOMEN! Who wasn’t paid or was family. And he had sex. The greatest 2.5 minutes of his life, lead to a catastrophic chain of events, leading to NR HQ being quarantined and all staffers put into cryo.

Upon being freed thousands of years, these few discovered that life has changed. The future was bright. Flying cars, jet packs, robot servers… Everything was great, except… The internet was a myth. Many read in the archives of the “internet”. Never really experiencing it.

The NR crew were treated like GODS, for they were the keepers of the internet.

They WOW’d the future inhabitants of tales from “YOUTUBE”. Scared the kids with ghost stories of “MYSPACE”. Spoke of the all knowing “GOOGLE” and his evil vengeful brothers “BING, and YAHOO”. The magical land of “FACEBOOK, TUMBLR, and INSTAGRAM”. TWITT ER was their favorite tale.

The stories of the internet were transcribed into a bible called HTTP. Many joined the NR, forming the newest, biggest religion. They called their followers “NERDS”. They were happy…

Until another group were discovered…. IGN.

If you’re the winners, you have until December 21st to contact me via email (email info found on our about page).

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