‘The Hobbit’ midnight premiere pickup lines & two fans build a hobbit house

RN13-HOBBIT-1-JvFan – a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art or entertainment form, or famous person.  (Google Dictionary)

In Redlands, California, two Hobbit fans have made good of the definition. On Wednesday, outside the Krikorian Redlands Cinema 14, Bryan Stifle of Redlands and Chris Doughty of Yucaipa placed their replica of a hobbit house in line to the midnight premiere of the film. The structure is not only a replica of the films props but doubles as sleeping quarters for the two while waiting for the midnight premiere.

Both spent months constructing the hobbit house and didn’t add the finishing touches until this past Sunday. Stifle said “As it came down to it, we finally did it and kind of wanted to kind of outdo everyone to show our love for the movie.” From the looks of it, they succeeded!

Doughty went on to add, “The story is so good. The characters are all so amazing. The morals and everything are really good and applicable to today’s society. This movie has been taking years to finally happen, and so we’ve been keeping up on the news of this for years.”

Those who are about to die watch the film, I salute you!

And for those specifically watching the midnight launch this evening, make sure to give some of these pickup lines a try. I’m sure using them will be…quite an adventure.

  • Want to come back to my place and smoke a little Longbottom leaf?
  • What do you like for second breakfast?
  • I may look really short, but that’s only CGI.
  • Were you forged by Sauron? Because you look precious.
  • Elen sila lumenn’ omentielvo. (“A star shines on the hour of our meeting”)
  • Watch out, girl. I’m about to rescue you from the Lonely Mountain.
  • You don’t even know it yet, but you’ve just found the One. Now let me get in your pocket.
  • Are you an orc? Because you’re making my Sting glow.
  • Are you Gandalf? Because you have me seeing fireworks.
  • Is your name Smaug? Because you look like you have loads of treasure in your cave.
  • I must be the ring and you must be Bilbo, because you’ve got me wrapped around your finger.
  • I’ll take you there and back again.
  • I want you in my hobbit hole.
  • Just wait until sunset — that’s when I’m going to open your secret door.
  • Were you born from Smaug’s mouth? Because you came out hot.
  • Girl, you’re glowing. Are there orcs nearby or are you just glad to see me?
  • My feet are bigger than Bilbo’s… and you know what they say about big feet.
  • I don’t know you half as well as I should like, but I like all of what I see.
  • You wake something Tookish up in me.
  • My staff is even bigger than Gandalf’s.
  • I’ve got a feeling you’re about to become my Precious.
  • I’m like Beorn — half man, half bear. Guess which part is bear?
  • It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations — so here’s what I’m doing later.
  • Did it hurt? When you fell from the Timeless Halls?
  • I am no man.

Source: The Oakland Tribune Flavorwire

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