Johnny Depp returns as Johnny Depp in new Lone Ranger trailer

In the teaser trailer of The Lone Ranger, we weren’t given much on story, just a little history lesson on trains. In fact, you only see Tonto (Johnny Depp) and The Lone Ranger (Armie Hammer) near the end for a bit. It is a teaser after all.

Today, Disney has just released the newest trailer for the Gore Verbinski-directed film. We get to see Tonto and Lone Ranger’s first introduction.¬†John Reid, AKA the Lone Ranger, was left for dead. Tonto advises Reid to don the identity of the Lone Ranger to take advantage of that fact.

There’s a lot of big action set pieces, but the thing that concerns me is will Johnny Depp steal the show again in a movie about the Lone Ranger? He’s done it before with Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland. For PotC, it was okay since he’s the star, but for Alice, you’d expect Alice to be the star.

I’m more interested in seeing Armie Hammer’s performance and not Johnny Depp playing a Native American acting like Johnny Depp. But hey, isn’t that why people watch Johnny Depp movies? Just as long as I don’t have to see him do the¬†Futterwacken dance again, I’ll be fine.

The Lone Ranger opens in theaters on July 3, 2013.

Source: Disney

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