15 Remakes or Sequels worthy of the big screen

The past ten years have really entertained us with some great films, however, there are 15 remakes or sequels worthy of the big screen that maybe missed their golden age that would have, already did, and can still be just as successful. With the ability to computer generate sequences or even entire films, epic stories/scripts have been able to make more fantasy turned film a reality. We will one day look forward to an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ceremony when the big projector screen drops down on stage to highlight some of the past great works. No doubt Toy Story, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Wall-E, The Lord of the Rings, and so many others will be forever encapsulated in movie goers everywhere. Changes to the Motion Picture Association Of America (MPAA) ratings, hardware advances, and pure artistic brilliance have also made some of these past treasures come to life once more.

And so, what about those past films that we all love? We have already been enlightened to some of the best sequels, remakes, or if long enough time has passed, a sequel-remake of sorts; Batman, Star Trek, Star Wars, TRON,  King Kong, The Mummy, War of the Worlds, I Am Legend, and so many more. The time has come for films in which technology and other advances can aid their elaborate themes, climactic battle scenes, and relentless story telling in order for a better vision, not always the case, of the films we have come to love.

Some of these films have seen the big screen more than once and others like Ghostbusters, I Am Legend, Flight of the Navigator, and Blade Runner have already been rumored to return.

15 films that need to return to the big screen (Click the image, “Next”, or “Play” to advance)
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1) Event Horizon
2) Constantine
3) I Am Legend
4) Dawn of the Dead
5) Spaceballs
6) The Cabin in the Woods
7) They Live
8) The Abyss
9) Ghostbusters
10) Mac and me
11) Spawn
12) Blade Runner
13) Blazing Saddles
14) Batteries Not Included
15) Flight of the Navigator

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