Want Dark Souls II on the Wii U? Sign a petition for it

As you may or may not already know Dark souls II is currently in production, with the game itself planned for release on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. For some, the fact that they left out the Wii U is a bit of a surprise. Some others in that particular group also wanted to try to rectify that.

A petition is currently going around the intahwebs requesting that the sequel to last year’s brutally challenging, yet deeply satisfying title be given a chance on Nintendo’s newest console. Some posters say that the Wii U is actually a perfect fit for the title, as, theoretically, the tablet controller can be used to access inventory items. Since the Souls games don’t have an actual pause function, gameplay continues to progress in realtime when going through your equipment, so having the tablet portraying your inventory would potentially allow the main screen to be clear of clutter. Other solid arguments include the affordability of the console itself compared to a gaming PC, along with a subscription free online service.

Of course, internet petitions themselves are often a stretch, and don’t normally result in much. However, in this case, there just may be a chance of success, as it was the fanbase that had petitions going around demanding a PC release of the first Dark Souls game, which From Software and Namco Bandai delivered on with the Prepare to Die edition. We know that they listen to their fans, so the chances of them hearing this call are at least more favorable than if it was any other company.

If you want to see Dark Souls II make an appearance on the Wii U, just swing on by the petition and sign it. They’re currently at about 2000 signatures as of this writing, so there is still a long way to go. Either way, this is another opportunity for Souls fans to make their voices heard.

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