Clues that The Phantom Pain trailer is Metal Gear-related

Okay, so the Phantom Pain trailer that premiered during the VGA Ten Awards left many viewers confused as to whether the game was related to Metal Gear Solid. If you look around, there are clues that pinpoint the game to Hideo Kojima. For one thing, Hideo Kojima was present during the VGA Ten Awards. The main character featured in the trailer looks a lot like Solid Snake, including bandages covering his wounded eye. The developer studio being promoted in the trailer is Moby Dick Studio, a “Swedish” company. If you check out the website, you’ll notice that the CEO is Joakim Mogren. The first name of Joakim Mogren is an anagram for Kojima.

Update: Okay, so I’ve been misinformed. So it seems that Hideo Kojima is not involved with the Phantom Pain game in any way. The biggest clue that proves this is JNMogren’s Twitter¬†account.

His default picture clearly states that he is not Hideo Kojima. And last time I checked, Kojima does not have a mustache or blonde hair. You can all go about your daily lives now. [end sarcasm]

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