Futurama Volume 7 DVD review

Futurama…I still remember when it first came in the late ’90s, around the time everyone started worrying about Y2K. Remember those days? Well if you do, you’ll also remember that it was part of the plotline for the beginning of the series. The show has had its share of good and bad times. Since Comedy Central grabbed the syndication in 2005, it’s been doing pretty good. With so many new cartoon series geared more toward adults, it’s great to see this series is still creating funny new content.

Title: Futurama Volume 7
Number of discs:
Studio: 20th Century Fox
DVD Release Date: December 11, 2012
Episodes: 13

Volume 7 is fully loaded and contains the first 13 episodes of season 7 that tackle several issues and topics from this year. Funny episodes like “A Farewell to Arms” pokes fun at the impending doom people have about the ending of the Aztec calendar, but instead of 2012 they use 3012. Other episodes like “Decision 3012” put Leela as a campaign manager to the next presidential candidate trying to win against President Richard Nixon’s head. One of the funnier dark scenes from this episode shows Bender on top of the Destructor robot, leading the robot revolution, as B.B. Rodriguez. I watched this episode a few times since the commentary pointed out several things I didn’t catch the first time I saw it.

It had me fully entertained, although some episodes just seemed out of place and odd, “Naturama“, I’m looking at you. Every TV show tends to branch out in different directions once in a while, and Naturama wasn’t that funny to me. I found myself waiting for this to be some odd dream sequence, but it wasn’t. Fortunately it was the last episode of the mid season.

Each episode has its own meme at the beginning sequence, Some of the memes that come up will crack you up. My favorite one is actually shown during the first episode, “The Bots and the Bees“. You can see it below.

This volume also has its share of celebrity voices as well. Wanda Sykes shows up in the first episode, as vending machine, Bev. She is pretty funny but isn’t on screen too much. Other notable actors include George Takei as himself in “Saturday Morning Fun Pit” and Patrick Stewart as Fox Hunt master in “31st Century Fox.

Video Quality

This may be a DVD but this looks very clean and crisp. It’s presented in 1.78:1 widescreen. The colors pop and all the 3D animations look great on an HDTV. All that work pays off for a good transfer.

Video Grade: B

Audio Quality

Sound for the show is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. Again, for just a DVD version you’re getting great quality. The dialogue is clean and clear and the score fills the room nicely.

Audio Grade: B

The Extras

The extras on the DVD are pretty cool. The commentary is funny and informative. For those Futurama fanboys, you’ll be happy to know that some Easter eggs are revealed during some of the commentary. I won’t say what they reveal but trust me it’s worth listening to all commentary. The only thing I didn’t like was that I didn’t have an option to play all the episodes with the commentary. I had to go to each episode, one by one. I know most people will want to watch the actual show, but after watching the episodes with the commentary they became a bit funnier. I loved that the voice actors and directors point out so many small things you would normally miss. Some the commentary does just trial off into odd conversation that just becomes noise really, but when it doesn’t you get a lot of information about the creative process that goes into each show, and you learn about a lot of the stuff that gets cut out. The voice actors are hilarious. Sometimes they will start re-dubbing lines to the episode.

I’ll trail off for a bit; one of the voice actors, Maurice LaMarche, impersonates Orson Welles in some of the commentary. I suddenly found myself looking him up on Wikipedia and found that he used be the voice of Brain in Pink and the Brain, one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood. Maurice does voices several characters in the show. Some of his more familiar characters are Morbo and Calculon.

Other extras on the two-disk set include an alternate ending to one of the episodes, “Zapp Dingbat.” This is just a musical number that they changed at the end, and it was okay.

There’s also a sing-along called Futurama Karaoke: Sing Along with Your Favorite Characters. You get several tracks to choose, with or without vocals.

The tracks are:

  • Welcome to Robot Hell
  • This Toy Shop’s Going to War
  • This Was Then and This is Too
  • The March of the Non-Union Elves
  • Even if Its Not a Good Idea (The Bureaucrat Song)

Mobius Trip: Infinite Futurama Screen loops. You get two different loops, Aquarium infinite loop and Terrarium infinite loop, that just run as screen savers on your TV. I’m sure if you leave this running in the house you will eventually trip someone out, since they won’t know where it ends!

Too Good for TV: A Smorgasbord of Deleted Scenes. Some of the deleted scenes are great and I wish they would have kept them in the episodes. For the next season DVD I wish they would complete the scenes, some are just drawn out sketches, and have an option to “play with deleted scenes.”

By far my favorite extra on this DVD set is Christopher Tyng’s Big Score: A Jam Session with Futurama’s Innovative Composer. I love seeing how people create and this video does not disappoint. The way Christopher composes the main theme for the show is amazing. Watching and listening to him build each layer just blows my mind away.

Extras: A

Overall I liked the whole volume and can’t wait for the second half of season 7.

Everall Grade: B+

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