Dishonored DLC trailer combines stealthy slaughter with rap

Most people probably wouldn’t think of pairing a game like Dishonored with rap music, but, stranger things have happened. Bethesda is certainly not afraid to try such combinations with their trailer for the Dunwall City DLC trailer, due out next week.

At least they got a hold of someone who can do the title justice, in the form of Youtube rapper Dan Bull. The UK musician has done similar songs for other games such as Skyrim, Borderlands 2, and Diablo III, as well as other, sillier topics like Facebook and the Republican debates. Though his Dishonored song originally came out back in September, Bethesda still thought it appropriate enough for use in their own trailer. Talk about earning some major street cred.

The trailer itself is also worth watching in its own right, as it shows off parts of the ten challenges from the DLC that players will contend with to test their skills as an assassin. You can watch that below, and if you want to catch the original song and other offerings, you can hop on over to Dan Bull’s Youtube channel.


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