Amazing asian filled fan-made Dragon Ball Z live-action trailer

Remember Dragon Ball Evolution? I sure as hell try not to, but late at night I can still hear the horrid cries from jaded fanboys. While the film left the door opened for a sequel, it seems the response from angered fans and general critics alike have slammed that door, nailed it shut, wrapped it in chains and buried it in concrete to hopefully never rear its ugly head.

Recently, a group of talented Dragon Ball fans put together their own live action Dragon Ball Z trailer. Shockingly, K&K Productions decided to use Asian actors in their short!

The acting is not all that great, but then again were you really expecting Oscar caliber stuff? I don’t know why, but they guy who plays Nappa sounds totally like Merle from The Walking Dead. In the trailer, K&K Productions does do an excellent job sticking to the source material. Watching the trailer you will definitely have flashbacks of key DBZ moments in the Saiyan Saga.

This is definitely worth checking out for any avid Dragon Ball Z fan.

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