Blizzard being sued over authenticator use

A class action lawsuit has come up targeting Blizzard and what the plaintiffs describe as “deceptively and unfairly” charging customers for the extra security provided by the authenticators that the company

LaCie PetiteKey USB flash drive

Flash drives come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even get some shaped like LEGOs or your favorite Star Wars characters. But most flash drives are kind of

The Amazing Spider-Man Second Screen Experience impressions

The Amazing Spider-Man Blu-ray hits store shelves soon, and I had a chance to play around with the free Amazing Spider-Man Second Screen App (check out our Blu-ray review here).

NIS America goodies for your Hurricane Sandy relief donation

Hurricane Sandy just recently devastated huge swaths of the east coast. Thankfully NISA is bringing the issue to fans’ attention, as it can be easy to forget news like this

Michael Bay confirms Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 4?!

What started off as a bad rumor is now a sad truth. Today, Michael Bay himself confirmed via his official website that Mark Wahlberg will now be joining the Decepticons

Nintendo Download – Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion demo, Pokédex 3D Pro

This week’s Nintendo Download blasts off with a demo for the much-anticipated Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for 3DS. Mizrabel from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is wreaking

3 main protagonist revealed for GTA V

News broke today that next month’s Game Informer would feature Rockstar Games highly anticipated title, GTA V. The new issue will hit store shelves in the beginning of December, but digital subscribers were able to get early

Brad Pitt goes against zombies in the first World War Z trailer

The production for Marc Forster’s World War Z has had a tumultuous production to say the least. Given that nearly two months of re-shoots was scheduled, it’s safe to assume that the

Can you handle another Gangnam video? Mortal Kombat Style!

We’ve had our fill of nerdy Gangnam Style videos including our own Comikaze Style, Gandalf Style, Big Trouble in Little China’s Lo Pan Style, and…well, I can’t think of anymore.

NR Contest: The Amazing Spider-Man Prize Pack Bonanza!

We’re throwing a big Spider-Man contest in conjunction with the release of The Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow (available on Amazon). We’ll be having some awesome prizes, courtesy

New Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale trailer

PlayStation has released a trailer that shows almost all of the characters in the game. After watching this trailer it got me really excited. At first I was iffy on

GTA V graces the cover of Game Informer

New information has been released for Grand Theft Auto V. The biggest revelation is that we’ll be having three main protagonists. This is a first for the franchise. The 18-page

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel to get 3D treatment

Our worst fears have come to play. In a statement from Warner Bros., Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel will now be in 3D…great. I would be okay with it

NR Contest: Bill and Ted’s Neighborhood Watch

In celebration of the release of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and The Watch on Blu-ray next week (Nov 13), we are having a contest with prizes including a Blu-ray copy

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand gets a new trailer

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see this when it comes out. Mostly because it’s Arnold’s official return to movies. I’ve been a long time fan of

Wreck-It-Ralph director reveals how they got Sonic and many others in the movie

Wreck-It-Ralph did surprisingly well over the weekend at the box-office. The movie opened with a $49 million, setting the largest box-office opening ever for Disney Animation Studios. Yeah, you heard

Ever seen a bunch of little Marios performing in an orchestra?

I am blessed to be living in the age of the internet. Where else can you see and hear an orchestra filled with little Marios performing all your favorite RPG

It’s time for a frakkin’ Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome trailer

It looks like the Lords of Kobol have heard our prayers. After the canceled Caprica show, it’s finally good to see another Battlestar Galactica story in the works. Even though

Spy Kids’ Alexa Vega looks killer in ‘Machete Kills’

Oh…my…god. Our little Spy Kid has grown up into a sexy killing machine. It makes perfect sense, since she is playing a bodyguard who works at whorehouses. Alexa Vega will

The Killing Joke’s Joker is immortalized

If you’re a Batman and Joker fan, one of the must-read stories is Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. Kotobukiya has released these lovely images of the Clown Prince of Crime ARTFX