Interview: Minecrafter ChimneySwift11 finds dancing shoes and equips it IRL

ChimneySwift11 sits atop the the YouTube pool with almost 700,000 subscribers and 200 million views. As a director of the Machinima Realm family, he has made his name by releasing a constant stream of Minecraft videos almost everyday. Dance Showdown, produced by the DanceOn Network, is now airing its 2nd Season’s 8th Episode. This season will likely go to 10 episodes as it did for the 1st season.  With the voting support of his Swifter Army and newly acquired dance skills, ChimneySwift11 has made it to the final four of the competition and is a serious contender for the $100,000 prize.

Brinn Nicole and Chestersee

Nerd Reactor was invited to the set of Dance Showdown during the final performances filming. The intent was to meet with ChimneySwift11, but we were greeted with a dancing performance from Chestersee, also in the Final Four. Chestersee and his dance partner, Brinn Nicole, were pretty phenomenal in their Bollywood-inspired dance. I was starting to ponder how ChimneySwift11’s dance compared since I was unable to watch his. It was then that I snuck a peak into the viewing room and I spot ChimneySwift11 in his pajamas. I’ll be asking him about that later, but for now, we are a fly on the wall.

In a distance were the 3 judges: Joey Fatone (NSYNC), Laurieann Gibson (choreographer), and Ryan Higa (YouTube star). Since they were currently filming, a ranged shot was the best I could do for this visit.

Since we were in the middle of a live shoot, my time with ChimneySwift11 would be in between reaction takes. In an isolated room, I was able to shoot him a couple questions when he freed up. The first would be about the pajamas he was lounging in. “[Laughs] Just lounging, you know.” But he would clarify for us that it was part of his dance routine and that it’s not typical for him to don his pajamas in public. “My dance is very emotional, it’s supposed to be set in a dream. So I’m in a bed and I actually just wake up. That’s why I’m in my pajamas and Brinn is my dream woman.” On his dance’s technicalities, “Last week we did 3 lifts. This week we are doing 5 to 6.”

We talked about his Season 2 Journey so far, and how he is sitting in the final 4. When mentioning his Swifter Army he exclaimed, “I’m really proud of them for giving me this chance.” The way that it works in this competition is that 2 finalists are selected by the judges, and 2 are selected by the viewers. “It’s an honor to be here, to be voted back. I got the viewer’s vote in the first round.”

We got into his practice routine and I found out that he’s been doing 8 hour rehearsals and the practice did not stop there. “Last night, I practiced constantly till 11 pm. Our dance even involved the bed, so I was on that too trying to do some stuff.” Last round, Chim was heavily criticized for his lack of facial expressions. “Yeah, that was my main focus this week. To show the judges that I took their criticisms to heart last time and improved on that. I felt like if they saw improvement, they would see that I really care.”

I asked him if he was able to draw from any other prior dancing experience. “I have one move, and that’s the white man side-step” He’s had no experience whatsoever, except for maybe 3 seconds of goofy dancing in the club. With his newly-acquired dancing skill, I asked him if he’d be down for some Hollywood clubbing afterwards to see if his moves would translate to the dance floor. “In junior high, I was too embarrassed to ever be in the middle of the dance floor.” So, no break dance circles for us tonight, I suppose.

The room that we were in had a couple personal items and uneaten sandwiches scattered about just like lunch had passed. So, I started asking him about any Los Angeles food that he wants to try. It was actually his 4th time visiting LA. He was here to attend E3 a couple months prior. For food though, low and behold, he just had In-n-Out the night prior with a couple friends. I mentioned Pink’s Hotdogs which he was unaware of, but what he did know about the bacon-wrapped hot dogs found on the Downtown LA streets. “There were a few Downtown, but I didn’t really feel comfortable trying it. Being from out of town, I think I’ll just stick to restaurants. So we started talking about LA and he had a couple tips about exploring around: “Know where you are, don’t be in a bad neighborhood at the wrong time. I did walk out of my hotel one day to Macy’s to pick up a shirt. It wasn’t bad, but I was a little uneasy. I took a cab home for sure. 24 minute walk, regretting it now. I don’t think I can live here, the traffic sucks.”

I asked Chim about any lasting friendships and his dance partner, Brinn, came to mind. “We’ve kept in touch since the first round dance. I’m helping her start a blog of her own.”

On the $100,000 prize money. I asked him if he’d be buying any new gaming stuff with it. I suggested a pinball machine, but he had a more responsible answer. “Pinball machine? Nope, I want to help pay for fiance’s med school debt. It will be a good way to start a new life together. After we get married, we’ll probably rent a small townhouse, since she’ll have to do her residency somewhere, so we’ll be moving all over. We can’t really put down roots anywhere yet.”

Well, there you have it! Tune in to Chim’s performance to be released soon from the DanceOn YouTube Channel. In the meantime, catch ChimneySwift’s Final Rehearsal below:


Episode 9 just released:


You can learn more about the competition here

SOURCE: DanceOn YouTube Channel

SOURCE: ChimneySwift11 YouTube Channel

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