YouTube sensation Epic Lloyd

Lloyd Ahlquist from his song, Coming Up Short.

If I asked you, “Do you know Epic Lloyd?” What would your answer be? If I asked you, “Do you watch Epic Rap Battles of History?” Most of your answers better be “HELL YES!” However, if you don’t know what it is, basically they take suggestions from YouTubers and pit famous or known figures against each other in a battle of rhymes. The YouTube artist that I’m spotlighting at the moment is of course Mr. Lloyd Alqhuist or better known as Epic Lloyd. I cannot emphasize how talented this man is as a Rapper/Lyricist/Actor/Comedian. After seeing the first several Epic Rap Battles where he starred as Hitler, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Chuck Norris, etc., I was pretty much hooked. When collaborating with NicePeter (another famous YouTube star), these guys are UNSTOPPABLE. Take a few minutes and watch just this one Epic Rap Battle. It’s Napoleon Bonaparte vs. Napoleon Dynamite…


Lloyd not only writes his own lyrics, but his acting/comedic skills are pretty spot on and hilarious to boot. Not only does he not skip a beat when speaking with the accents of his characters he’s playing, but he holds the accents throughout the rhyming of his verses. All the lyrics that he’s written up and spit out are always 100% relevant to the character that he’s portraying within the rap battles. One of my favorites that he just recently played was Robin from this Epic Rap Battle of Batman vs. Sherlock Holmes. Check it out!


Now don’t think for a moment that Lloyd only does these Epic Rap Battles. He also has his OWN channel that he runs which has almost the exact same production values as the ERB spots that he does with NicePeter. Lloyd has his own segments called Dis Raps for Hire, where he takes YouTuber’s requests on people that they believe should be “Dissed on Wax”. He creates the entire song and pretty much dishes out the insults the entire time without stuttering. He’s made about 9 of these tracks and ALL of them are top notch. The beats are all completely awesome and Lloyd changes his style of rhyming in each one, which makes them entertaining to say the least. Here’s just one of his Dis Rap for Hire tracks which has an outstanding beat.


Personally, I think Lloyd is a breath of fresh air when it comes to Hip Hop or Rap. As an avid listener to that genre, Lloyd makes it fun and available to everyone. Some of his tracks and style kind of reminds me of the early days of Eminem, when he would have fun with his songs. Lloyd actually does his own personal tracks about his life and experiences, which are all up to par with the other sets that he does. If you want to see more of his work, I suggest you check out his channel here -> EpicLloyd. On that note, I leave you with one of my favorite tracks that he created called, “Mr. Nothing”. Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel and the Epic Rap Battles channel as well! I know I sound like a fanboy, and I’m not ashamed. Enjoy!


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