MIB 3 (Men in Black) Blu-ray Review

We pick up with both Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) fifteen years after Men in Black 2. Agent K seems more surly and bitter about his job, and Agent J has slowly become like agent K (you can tell by the memories he implants into people after neuralyzing them). After Agent K discovers that an old enemy has escaped from the inescapable LunarMax prison on Earth’s moon, he wants to handle the case alone. Agent J starts some basic detective work, trying to find out who Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) is and why Agent K doesn’t want any help in capturing him.

During Boris’ stay at LunarMax, he plots his revenge by traveling back in time when he was apprehended by Agent K in order to kill him and prevent his capture. Once back on Earth, Boris time jumps back to 1969, kills Agent K, and changes the present. Only agent J can remember Agent K existed the night before, while everyone at MIB thinks he died forty years ago while trying to capture Boris. During a full blown Boglodite invasion, Agent J then time jumps back to 1969 to save the past Agent K (Josh Brolin) to restore his future.

The movie itself was entertaining, but if you haven’t seen the previous movies you may not understand the dynamics of the two main characters. Agent K is played by Tommy Lee Jones, as the future or rather present agent K, and Josh Brolin portrays agent K from 1969. Most of the movie is set in the 60s where we see a retro MIB headquarters and what by today’s standards we would all consider archaic technology.

There are two funny scenes involve the neuralizer. The first time you see the neuralizer in 1969, Agent J has to be put inside it, like an MRI machine that uses vacuum tubes. The other neuralizer, the one that agent K (Josh Borlins) uses, runs on what looks to be a type of wireless dial-up modem!

What makes this movie fun to watch and again (you would probably need to watch at least the first Men in Black movie) is the role switching between Agent K and Agent J. In the present Agent J is tired of trying to bond and connect with K, and in the process has become a bit bitter himself. In the past, before K became very serious, J seems to be the serious and surly one of the two. Josh Brolin seems to steal several scenes with his portrayal of the younger Agent K.

Video Quality

The video is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at 1080P and looks magnificent! This is yet another excellent job from Sony. The image is sharp and dazzling at every frame. I played this on a Sony Bravia running at 120Hz and the image looked crisp, the facial and clothing textures are natural and accurate. MIB headquarters 2012 is modern and sleek with glossy plastic everywhere, every detail jumps off the screen. MIB headquarters for the 1960s is detailed, bright, and very striking with a wider color palette. The colors are very well balanced on this disk, from the New York skyline, to Coney Island that just pops with its rich colors. This movie is packed with so much CG but a lot of it you probably won’t be able to catch it because it looks so life-like and fluid.

Audio Quality

The audio comes in 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio for both English and French, and 5.1 Dolby digital in Spanish. This soundtrack is smooth and well balanced. In MIB headquarters you can clearly hear every detail, like aliens walking or zooming by, and the unmistakable flash you hear from the neutralizer will make you think you just got hit by it. The sound of blasters and slime during fight scenes between MIB agents and alien criminals is definitely worth demoing to your friends. Everything is so clear and focused that you can’t help but lose yourself in every scene.


Special features include:

  • Partners in Time: The Making of MIB 3 (26 min in HD) – This feature will cover a bit of everything, from the characters, Josh Brolin as young agent K, Boris the Animal, design, FX, stunts, and much more.
  • Gag Reel (4 min in HD) – Just a few outtakes from the movie, only one or two are a bit funny.
  • “Back in Time” Music Video by Pitbull (4 min in HD) – This was a nice video; I really liked the EDM sound that seems to be adopted into everything these days.

Exclusives for the Blu-ray include:

  • Spot the Alien Game – You get to use your Blu-ray remote to zap aliens on screen. It’s a nice mini game to kill some time.
  • The Evolution of Cool: MIB 1960s vs. Today (11 min in HD) – This is a great look into what it took to get both visions of the MIB office completed. This is one of those shorts that will show you what is real and what is CG, you’ll be surprised at what’s what.
  • Keeping It Surreal: The Visual FX of MIB 3 (10 min in HD) – The melding of CG and practical affects get broken down for the over the top visual of MIB 3.
  • Scene Investigations (17 min in HD) – Four different scenes are broken down, from fight scenes to monocycles, to aspects of the “time jump” and the LunarMAX prison.
  • Progression Reels (18 min in HD) – Like Scene investigations, this feature further breaks down several scenes. The CG breakdown and layering is remarkable.

Now this is the combo pack, so not only do you get the full high-definition Blu-ray, but you also get the DVD version, ULTRAVIOLET download, and if you have an iPad you can also download the Interactive Movie Touch app from the App Store. The Movie Touch app is a second screen that you can interact with while you watch the movie.

I enjoyed the movie, and the extras really make this a keeper.

Overall Grade: B

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