Inside Planetside 2 with creative designer Matt Higby

You’ve been waiting for it, preparing, anticipating, and now loving Planetside 2, the MMOFPS from Sony Online Entertainment. Planetside 2 for the unaware is a science fiction themed massive scale shooter in which you level your preferred class and vehicles by systematically eliminating and dominating enemies. The game follows three factions in the struggle for territorial dominance on currently 3 different continents. We got to sit down and learn a few things about Planetside 2 thanks to Matt Higby, Creative producer for this titanic free-world shooter.

So what is an MMOFPS?
Matt gave us the scoop on the genre, and although similar games have been in the market for some time, none have been able to smoothly incorporate the ideal of a true open world FPS. Planetside 2 will have you fighting literally thousands of enemies from all sides. With strategic maneuvers and advanced tactics, the game really immerses a player into a genuine large-scale battleground environment.

How will Planetside 2 Expand?
Simply, the game can be expanded as much as we want. Since new continents can be integrated at any time, we have much to look forward to. New weapons and vehicles are also ways to expand and improve on gameplay.

Some players have reported Framerate problems, will there be improvements to counteract this?
Matt told us that although some players have framerate issues, they are being addressed with patches soon to come. While at the same time we have to remember that Planetside 2 does require a pretty decent comp to run really smoothly.

As in any MMO, trolls will be invading, how will you stop them?
“While trolls are a bad thing, they also mean the game is good. Our anti-grief system can lock up a player’s vehicles or weapons if they kill too many teammates in a short period of time.”

Favorite Class?
“Light Assault, I love getting on buildings, nobody ever looks up there.”


After about 10 minutes of getting my butt handed to me, I started to really get into the game. While it may seem somewhat frustrating to traverse the map at times, once you get the hang of, the system is golden. If I had to compare it to another shooter, it would unmistakably¬†be Battlefield 3. Many similarities exist such as in vehicle and weapon control, as well as the class system. I’ve been playing an Infiltrator for the NC, and must say, that this is one of the most fun games I have ever sniped in. If you haven’t learned the basic rules of sniping in other FPS, you will quickly pick them up in Planetside 2, because staying in the same position for more than 2 shots is almost guaranteed suicide.

What you have at the core here is a massive domination wargame, with unparallelled graphics for its massive scale. You have a class and upgrade system that rewards teamplay, and last but not least, IT IS FREE. What more could you ask for?

Look out for our Stream at all next week. We will be playing Planetside 2 as an Infiltrator as well as giving away some cool swag, so stay tuned!

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