First look at the monsters of Pacific Rim

A new viral video has popped up on Pacific Rim’s official Facebook today and it has all the fanboys abuzz. The viral video is shot in a very Cloverfield-esque type of way, giving fans only a glimpse of what is to come on July 13th of next year. Just from watching the video I can tell you it does not look good for the human race.

According to multiple reports there are at least 9 different monster in Pacific Rim. In the picture above we can see what I can only describe as a hand of a Kaiju. It is larger than the size of the jet fighter plane chasing it. In the video we can hear the voice of the news reporter proclaiming that the monster attacking the San Francisco bay appears to be over 300 feet tall. We also get a glimpse of what appears to be a corpse of one of a dead Kaiju.

From the image above we can’t really make out much because it appears that the monster has been blown to bits, but you can get an idea of just how big these behemoths are. You average aircraft carrier is roughly a thousand feet long, meaning that the more-than-half destroyed monster was probably originally bigger.

We are given one more good look at one of the monsters. I believe this is the same monster that is on the aircraft carrier, but I’m not entirely sure.

Just from this short viral clip alone, I have seen more action than I did in almost the entire length of Cloverfield. I know some fans are worried that this video means the film will be using the found-footage style, but I think that this style is only being used for viral promotion videos.

Pacific Rim is scheduled to hit theaters July 13th of next year.

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