Review: UFC on Xbox Live

Today we will take a look a UFC’s official app for the Xbox 360, UFC on Xbox Live. I have long been a huge fan of UFC since the early days of when it was watching Martial Arts at its best. Being from a family that rarely purchased Pay-Per-View showings, the only way I would be able to watch the UFC was when my uncle would rent VHS tapes from our local Odyssey Video store. I vividly remember fast-forwarding through minutes of Royce Gracie lying on his back only to miss the split second that he needed to slap a submission hold on his opponent; good times. With the new UFC app on Xbox Live, fans are able to relive past UFC moments and stay connected all the way up until the fight time.

I have been using the UFC app since day one. One of the features that I truly love about the app is the ability to watch Free Fights prior to the the main event. You don’t even have to order the PPV to watch many of the free matches that are posted. The matches change month-to-month and they generally coincide with that month’s fight card. Since UFC 154 was George Saint Pierre’s triumphant return to the Octagon, fans were able to watch some of GSP’s classic matches.

Along with a few free fights, fans can watch all the Pre-Fight mumbo jumbo; Press Conferences, Weigh-Ins, Fight Promos, etc. It’s a nice feature for fans to catch up before fight time. One feature that many fans seem to really enjoy is the Fight Picks. In the Fight Picks feature, they can get an entire run down of the event’s card and they can pick who they think will win the fight. The Fight Picks card gives them an entire rundown of each fighter and includes info from their last 3 fights. Using the information given to you, you can choose who will win and by what stipulation; knock out, submission or decision. Making the correct fight prediction will earn you points. You can use the points to compete with other friends for bragging rights. You can also share your Fight Picks via Facebook.

Another feature in the app allows you to follow the fighter’s history to the current PPV. Using Follow the Fight Story, fans can watch all the previous fights that led directly to the PPV card. You will have to pay extra for these matches, but they are usually no more than $2.99. UFC on Xbox Live did have a pretty rocky launch with UFC 141, but it seems that they have really ironed out the kinks. While watching the match PPV live in HD, I had no problems pausing and rewinding the action. The amount of time it took to re-buffer the picture to HD clarity is no different from what most users of Netflix would expect.

Having heard all the commotion over UFC on Xbox Live’s hiccuped launch, I am glad to say that it seems that UFC and Microsoft were able to fix all of the previous issues. During my viewing of UFC 154, I had no problem whatsoever viewing the PPV in HD and would gladly use the service again.

Grade: A

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