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It seems like we can’t get enough of The Walking Dead contests. Now we have another one courtesy of The Walking Dead Novels to help promote the recently released Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury book. Written by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga, it was released on October 16, 2012, and focused on Lilly Caul, who is a predominant character in the Walking Dead The Game by Telltale Games.

This contest will have one winner who’ll receive the following:

Here’s how to enter:

In the comment section below, let us know if you were a citizen of Woodbury, what position/title would you have there, and what type of responsibilities would you be in charge of. You can make up any position or title. Your odds of winning are better if you can make me laugh.

Contest ends on December 10, 2012. U.S. residence only. No PO box. Winner will be announced a day or two after. If the winner doesn’t email me within a week from that announcement, the prize will be forfeit to another.

And to get a little teaser, here’s an exclusive excerpt from The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga

Copyright Thomas Dunne Books, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press, Copyright 2012.


“We live in violent times. We’re all under tremendous pressure. Every day of our lives.”

The Governor barks into a megaphone that Martinez found in the defunct firehouse, the gravelly, smoky voice carrying up over the bare trees and torches. The sun has set on the town, and now the entire population mills about the darkness on the edge of the gazebo in the center of the square. The Governor stands on the stone steps of the structure, addressing his subjects with the stentorian authority of a politician crossed with a wild-eyed motivational speaker.

“I understand the pressures,” he goes on, pacing across the steps, milking the moment for all its worth. His voice echoes across the square, slapping back against the boarded storefronts across the street. “We’ve all dealt with the grief, last few months… losing somebody close to us.”

He pauses for effect, and he sees many of the faces turning downward, eyes shimmering in the light of torches. He senses the weight of pain pressing down. He smiles inwardly, waiting patiently for the moment to pass.

“What happened at the store today didn’t have to happen. You live by the sword… I get that. But it didn’t have to happen. It was a symptom of a greater sickness. And we’re gonna treat that sickness.”

For a brief instant he glances back to the east, and he sees the slumped figures gathered over the shrouded body of the black man. Bob kneels behind the girl named Lilly, stroking her back, as he stares trance-like at the fallen giant under the bloody sheet.

The Governor turns back to his audience. “Starting tonight we’re gonna inoculate ourselves. From now on, things are gonna be different around here. I promise you… things are gonna be different. Gonna be some new rules.”

He paces some more, burning his gaze into each and every onlooker.

“The thing that separates us from these monsters out there is civilization!” He punches the word ‘civilization’ so hard it bounces off the rooftops. “Order! Laws! The ancient Greeks had this shit down. They knew about tough love. ‘Catharsis’ they used to call it.”

Some of the faces gaze up at him with jittery, expectant expressions.

“You see that racetrack up yonder?” he says into the bullhorn. “Take a good look!”

He turns and gives a signal to Martinez, who stands in the shadows at the base of the gazebo. Martinez thumbs a button on a two-way, and he whispers something to somebody on the other end. This is the part that the Governor insisted be carefully timed.

“Starting tonight,” the Governor goes on, watching many of the heads turn toward the big, dark flying saucer planted in the clay west of town, its huge bowl-like rim rising in silhouette against the stars. “Starting right now! That’s gonna be our new Greek theater!”

With the pomp and circumstance of a fireworks display, the great Xenon spots above the track suddenly flare to life in sequence – making audible metallic snapping noises – sending giant blooms of silver light down on the arena. The gag gets an audible, collective sigh from many of those gathered around the gazebo, some spontaneously applauding.

“Admission is free!” The Governor feels the energy rising, crackling like static electricity, and he bears down on them. “Auditions are ongoing, folks. You want to fight in the ring? All you gotta do is break the rules. That’s all you gotta do. Break the law.”

He looks at them as he paces, daring them to respond. Some of them look at each other, some of them nod, while others look as though they’re about to give him a ‘Hallelujah.’

“Anyone breaks the law is gonna fight! That simple. You don’t know what the laws are, all you gotta do is ask. Read the fucking Constitution. Check the Bible. Do unto others. Golden rule. All that. But hear what I’m saying. You do unto somebody a little too much… you’re gonna fight.”

A few voices holler out their consent, and the Governor feeds off of the energy, stoking the flames. “From now on, you fuck with somebody – you break the law – you’re gonna fight!”

A few more voices add to the din, the noise carrying up into the sky.

“You steal from somebody, you’re gonna fight!”

Now the crowd hollers its approval, a chorus of righteous howls.

“You bang somebody’s old lady, you’re gonna fight!”

More voices join in, all the fear and frustration boiling over now.

“You kill somebody, you’re gonna fight!”

The cheering starts to corrupt into a cacophony of angry shouts.

“You mess with somebody in any away – especially, you get somebody killed – you’re gonna fight. In the arena. In front of God. To the death.”

The clamor deteriorates into a mishmash of applause and whooping and hollering. The Governor waits for it to subside like a wave rolling away.

“It’s starts tonight,” he says in barely a whisper, the megaphone crackling. “It starts with this nutcase, guy that runs the general store – Sam the Butcher. Thinks he’s judge, jury, and executioner.”

All at once the Governor points at the arena and calls out suddenly in a voice that would not be out of place at a charismatic church service: “Who’s ready for some payback?! WHO’S READY FOR SOME LAW AND ORDER?!!”

The voices erupt.

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