Dikembe Mutombo has 4½ weeks to save the world! You heard me, now it gets more ridiculous

Old Spice Deodorant has a strange way of advertising. As if their commercials on TV weren’t out-there enough, enter Dikembe Mutombo and his quest to save the world. This online game is just out-right insane and will have you literally ROFL.

The first level is getting the citizens of Ohio to stop dancing Gangnam Style, and getting out to vote. Dikembe consults with his trusty grizzly bear side-kick, Science, then with the help of his Old Spice Deodorant that doubles as a jetback, Dikembe must deliver voting ballots to the citizens of Ohio while descending a cavernous corridor. The first boss is ……. that State of Ohio.

Source: Rumors and Rants (Thanks to my friend, Rich K, for the heads up on this masterpiece.)

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