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FINALLY! a-JAYS made earphones for the Apple family! Although my other a-JAYS earphones (a-JAYS One+ for Android) worked with my iPad, iPhone and iPod (except for the buttons), this new earphones set has keys that work better with the Apple products – aka sound had separate buttons from the hang up/pick up.

Since I am a professional earphone/headphones owner (due to my rabbit’s edible enjoyment of my previous earphones/headphones, I’ve owned many different types), I was asked to review these since I also have access to an iPod, iPhone and iPad.


a-JAYS brand has the best cords that do not get tangled easily. They are very light to carry but are not very compact. You can’t really wrap it around the iPad. So I have to carry it in a pouch. Like every a-JAYS earphones set, they come with adjustable ear cups – providing you with different sizes for your ear size. They are extremely comfortable and if you pick the correct size (XXS-L), they will remain comfortable. The microphone/controller is on the right side of the earphone and does not get in the way of usage. It comes in black and white – matching your iPhone/iPad color.


Unlike the a-JAYS One+ for the Android, this does not have a-JAYS headset control. Instead, the controller is just three buttons. The top button is to increase sound and the bottom button is the lower sound. The middle button works as play, pause, forward, backward, pick up the call and hang up the call. It’s actually pretty basic.
iPad USE

I tested the earphones on my iPad using Netflix, Facetime, Youtube and iTunes. When using Facetime, the controls worked well in increasing/decreasing sound, one click to pick up and one click to hang up. I called another Facetime user and was able to hear them clearly – including their background noise. I asked how well they could hear me and they said it was extremely loud and clear. When watching Netflix, the button did not really work to go forward (two quick center clicks) and backward (three quick center clicks), but did work in sound and play/pause. When watching Youtube and listening to iTunes, all of the buttons worked including the forward and back button clicks.

iPhone USE

I tested the earphones using standard calling, Facetime and Youtube. The buttons worked really well on all of these programs. The sound quality was also very clean and clear.

iPod USE

For listening to music, the buttons worked well. I could hear the music clearly and could crank the volume really high on the iPod. The forward and backward button also worked really well.


I have not been disappointed in a-JAYS quality of earphones. I have not had problems with them previously and continue to have clear and crisp sound. With 20 Hz – 21,000 Hz frequency (even better than a-JAYS One+), the music, sound and bass were very clear and clean. The microphone is extremely sensitive – the person on the other line could hear the ruffling of my clothes as I was adjusting my resting position – which is perfect for people who do not speak too clearly or loudly.


These earphones retailed for $79.99 and are meant for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The controls are easier to use than the other earphones I own. The three buttons make it simple – top and bottom for sound and the center for the other parts – one click for play/pause/pick up/hang up, two clicks for forward and three clicks to go back. I love simple. This is the perfect gift for the Apple fan. They can use it for all their iProducts. Did I mention Siri understood what I was asking for?

For more information on a-JAYS Four or other JAYS products, visit http://www.jays.se/.


  • Type: 8.6 Dynamic Speaker
  • Sensitivity: 95dB @ 1kHz
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm @ 1kHz
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 21,000 Hz


  • Finish: Rubber Coated/Metal Finish
  • Colors: Black/White
  • Isolation: JAYS Sound Isolating Sleeves
  • Size: 18.3 x 11.8 x 13.8mm
  • Weight: 14g


  • TPE Coated Tangle Free Cable
  • Width 5 mm / Thickness 1.2 mm
  • Length: 115 cm
  • Plug: L-Shaped Silver-Plated 3.5 mm Stereo Plug


  • $79.99

Grade: A

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