XBOX 360 with Kinect Nike+ bundle

Well it seems like a ten year anniversary Xbox 360 is not the only version this holiday season. Recently Amazon started listing a new Xbox 360 bundle that would include a Nike+ game for pre-order. The bundle will include a 4GB Xbox 360, Kinect sensor, Nike+ Kinect Training game, and one month of Xbox Live Gold. It should start shipping on December 4th for $299.99. With declining sales of the Kinect, Microsoft is doing everything possible to try to end the year on a high sales note.

Gamers have so many choices this year that it’s hard not to whip out a credit card and start buying. If you already have other Nike+ gear, this might be something new to add (If you don’t already have an Xbox 360 and have the living room space for it). While I like Kinect, all the games for Kinect are about the same. I hope this Nike+ game has something different to make it stand out.

Source: Amazon, Engadget

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