Help Aria T’Loak in the new Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC

The thought of going back into the world of Mass Effect again hasn’t crossed my mind ever since the ending scarred me big time. It’s so bad that every time somebody mentions the game or I see footage from the game, I would go into a seizure and faint. Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad, but it’s close enough. I knew that BioWare would be working on new DLCs, but I felt no desire to ever return.

BioWare and EA have released a new DLC today for the Xbox 360 and PC and November 27, 2012, for the PS3. In the Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC, Commander Shepard and a mysterious ally will be aiding Aria T’Loak in reclaiming her rightful spot as leader of Omega, a black market trade post in outer space. Cerberus agent Oleg Petrovsky and his goons have taken over Omega and have enslaved the citizens there.

Previously a pre-order exclusive item, the DLC will contain the N7 Valkyrie Assault Rifle and Chakram Launcher.

I think I might be okay now to put myself back into Commander Shepard’s shoes.

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