Firefox 64-bit for Windows is dead

Users of the web browser on Windows will probably never see this browser reach its full potential. This new 64-bit browser has had nothing but trouble, and recently Mozilla Engineering Manager Benjamin Smedberg posted a thread on Google Groups titled “Turning off win64 builds.”

Mozilla’s manager listed out several issues with testing that ultimately lead to the decision to ax the whole thing. The factors that were listed included some plug-ins not being available in 64-bit. Available 64-bit plug-ins caused the browser to hang frequently. The crashes submitted were not priority because of other projects, and distinguishing between 32-bit and 64-bit issues was frustrating and not easy for the stability team. Even with a reported 50% of testers on this new version, the decision was made to stop building any new 64-bit versions.

FireFox users on Windows that want to have a 64-bit browser will need to go back to using Internet Explorer or Opera, or make a complete change over to a new OS, like OS X o a flavor of Linux. I think it’s kind of sad that Mozilla is ending this project, but hopefully they will rethink the decision some time in the future. While I used to use FireFox, in recent years it’s become as slow and memory hungry as Internet Explorer. After news of this project being shut down, users may make the jump to Chrome.

Source: Engadget, Bugzilla, TNW

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