I came to dance! – Dance Showdown on YouTube airing now!

Dance Showdown Season 2 just released its 8th Episode. We are now in the final four of the dance competition and if you’ve missed any of the action, all of it can be seen on the on the DanceOn YouTube Channel. While dancing exhibition is not quite in the nerdy realm, our very own gamers have been dominating the competition thus far since Season 1. One remaining gamer sits in the final 4 of Season 2 and that is ChimneySwift11, mostly known for his YouTube Minecraft videos. Nerd Reactor was invited to interview ChimneySwift11 on the eve of his performance, but along the way we were exposed to this great competition. Our interview will be released shortly, but please enjoy this week’s episode and show your support for ChimneySwift11.

“D-trix Presents Dance Showdown” on YouTube premieres October 5, and airs weekly, every Friday, for 12 weeks. A maze of more than 90 ancillary videos and live Google+ hangouts take the viewer beyond a single episode to increase time spent and engage users in an interactive experience. The audience plays an important, active role in the outcome of the competition and ultimately, serves as a massive, virtual street team for the series.



SOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/DanceOn

SOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/chimneyswift11

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