Review: DBEST London Duo Rechargeable Bluetooth Mini-Speaker Set

I like to use Bluetooth speakers for everything because I move around a lot in my house with my tablet, computer and phone. I was asked to review the DBEST London Duo Rechargeable Bluetooth Mini-Speaker Set. The wireless speakers are connected through Bluetooth Hi-Fi. These were so cute, and I just had to test them out around my place.


Each speaker fits in the palm of my hand and looks very cool to leave around the house. They are two little black orbs with a reflective red center. They have a really contemporary tech look. The two speakers connect with a wire – they aren’t wireless from each other. The two speakers need to be connected together to work.

To easily carry around, the speakers can be connected at the bottoms and held together by magnets. It also comes with a mesh pouch to carry it around easily and without damaging it.


Like every Bluetooth connection, your device needs to find it. When you turn on the speakers, the device will search for “Speaker”. The user guide will provide a password to access the Bluetooth (if it asks for one). When connected, the speakers will beep and you can then use it.


Using the speakers with the iPad, it worked well when both the speakers and iPad are close to other. The sound is loud and clear. It’s really great when the speakers are in the same room, but when you start moving away [with the iPad] into another room – the sound becomes less clear and static. The sound is still loud, but the connection starts breaking. When I placed the iPad in another room and start the music/video, there is a delay in the connection as well.

iPhone SOUND

When using the iPhone and the speakers, the sound quality is clear – even when you go into other rooms with the phone. The music is still loud. Similar to the iPad, it is great if you want to watch a movie on your iPhone and cannot hear the standard sound and want it amplified.

Android Phone SOUND

The android connects really well. I placed my phone in the furthest room and played the recording. The Bluetooth speakers were able to capture them clearly and play it loud and clearly. I was pretty amazed at the connection the Android phone had with the speakers.

Laptop SOUND

I connected the speakers to my MSi laptop. The sound quality was very clear when close by, but like the iPad, it had some static as I was walking away from the speakers. There was no delay in the start of videos and music when I started it in the other room, but as it played on with some static.


According to the company, a fully charged speaker can play up to 20 hours wireless or up to 40 hours in wired mode. I have not tested it nonstop, but as I use it every day for a few hours, it has lasted a long time.

To charge the main speaker, a USB cable is connected directly to a PC or laptop or a main USB charger. The LED indicator on the speaker will be red when charging and turn blue once the battery is fully charged. According to the user guide, full charging time for a flat battery is 3-4 hours.


Retailed at $69.99, the duo rechargeable Bluetooth mini-speaker set from DBEST isn’t really “the best”, but it’s pretty good. It’s great for ‘in room’ activities, but when the device is moved slightly further away, there seemed to be a problem connecting it clearly. I do like how it looks and being able to place it in the living room for sound when I feel like watching a movie on my iPad on the couch. It looks pretty modern and is good for local use.


Bluetooth Protocol: 2.1+EDR

Transmission Distance: 10-15 meters

Amp. Frequency Range: 180Hz-20KHz

Signal/Noise Radio: >80dB

Driver: 4ohm, 40mm

Rating Power: 2W (with amplifier)

Line Input: 3.5mm

Rechargeable Battery: 600mAH Lithium Polymer

Battery Voltage: 3.7V

Full Charging Time: 3-4 hrs

Charging Voltage: 5V

Power Input: Micro USB (5V/500mA)

Net Weight: 135g

Unit Dimensions: 60mm (D) x 55mm (H)

Combined Dimensions: 60mm (D) x 100mm (H)

Grade: B+

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