Men in Black 3 behind-the-scenes press day coverage

The Men in Black are back, and this time Agent J will be traveling back in time to save the universe from the worst scum of the universe on November 30th when Men in Black 3 heads to Blu-ray and DVD.

Sony Pictures invited us to attend a small press event with a few members of the production crew who were responsible for making the movie’s aliens come to life. Guests included visual effects supervisor Jay Redd, animation supervisor Spencer Cook, creative head/senior visual effects supervisor Ken Ralston, and Rick Baker, who worked on both the first and second Men in Black movies. If you don’t know Rick Baker, he has been working in the film industry for the last 40 years, creating some of the most amazing and incredible monsters, aliens, and creatures. He’s also the most nominated make up artists with twelve nominations and seven wins, and he will be receiving his own star in the walk of fame soon.

As for the event, it looks like Sony hired the Men in Black to protect us from any harm while we hung out and ate snacks. Either the economy hit the secret agency hard, or they just wanted to let us know we were all safe. Either way it was pretty cool.

Some of the the props from the movies created by Rick Baker were on hand to give us a better look. You can see more in the gallery, but man were they cool to see up close.

Why is it called the Weasel?

Rick: We had an original script *laughs* where there was a cake that had an organic creature, which turns into the bad guy’s gun. Originally it shot bullets but I kept saying, “That doesn’t make any sense.” They said, “It’s like a Transformer,” and I said, “No, it’s not.”

So I wanted to keep it organic and wanted it to attach it to his arm. I did some designs and Will [Smith] came up with the idea that it should shoot quills. We designed it again, so I actually made numerous designs on the computer so we could make a computer print out and make a real cinema 3D one.

Ken RalstonIt’s great for reference for us.

[They show us the clip of the Agent J vs. the Giant Space Fish]

We knew it was going to partially swallow Will. It would have to have a big mouth and use its fin to fight Will and pin him to a wall, so it had to be long enough and be able to stand. It all had worked into the Men in Black universe and then things kind of changed scale and size when they need to. When you see the scene you see this fish in a fish tank, but when it comes out it’s almost 5 times bigger than Will.

Rick was then asked about the design of the aliens for this movie. He talked about how in the previous movies, he would pitch ideas to pay homage to older aliens and creatures he himself designed. They were rejected in both Men in Black and Men in Black 2. When the Men in Black 3 script featured time travel, Rick was happy and pitched his idea again, since in the future the aliens were more futuristic. Rick wanted to bring the classic big eyed style aliens from the past.

Rick also talked about designing over 30 aliens for this movie. He spent months working on the design and everything, but he also knew not every design would be seen or for how long. Some might only get a few seconds, but he wanted to make it look good and he did, especially with the props he brought.

The team ended the event by talking about one of the most difficult scenes they did in the movie, which was Agent J time jumping. It was the first thing they started working on and the last thing they finished because of all the work that went into it. Will Smith spent plenty of time acting like he was falling, and for the most part, everything minus his head was CG. The amount of work and time they needed to get everything right from movements and actions, plus all the interactions in that scene, was a lot of work and something they were very proud of at the end.

Men in Black 3 releases on November 30th and will be available as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, Blu-ray 3D combo pack, DVD, and the Men in Black Trilogy Limited Edition Blu-ray Giftset (that includes all 3 MIB movies and the “Worm” bobblehead figure).

All copies come with the Ultra Violet copy, but if you have an iPad you can also download a special application for Men in Black 3. Think of it as the second screen app without the second screen. While  watching Men in Black 3, you can see interviews, images from the movie and more. It’s free for anyone with an iPad and the Ultra Violet copy of the movie.

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