Tyreese joins the cast of The Walking Dead

Big news coming out of The Walking Dead camp today. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that The Wire’s Chad Coleman will join the rest of the cast as the one of the original characters from the comic book, Tyreese. Tyreese is a character that fans have wondered why he wasn’t included in the show. Tyreese makes his first appearance in the comics in issue #7 of The Walking Dead. He stays with Rick’s group for quite sometime and he plays a big role in prison storyline. Many fans even theorized that Daryl is in fact the spiritual successor of Tyreese. Being that he is also Rick’s 2nd in command.

Show runner Glen Mazzara first hinted at the appearance of Tyreese last month. In the interview, Glen revealed that many of the characters that exist in the comics exist in the same world as the show. He even hints at a few others we may eventually see down the road.

There are a lot of characters from the comics that we will eventually work into the show — Tyreese, Abraham, this new character Negan, who is the latest bad guy. They all exist in the world of The Walking Dead, and it’s just a matter of time before we meet them all. Right now, we’ve got the Governor onstage, and we’re just getting him up and running, but seasons from now, I could certainly see bringing in Negan. He’s a really scary and compelling character, but we have no current plans now.

Rumor has it we may see the former Atlanta Falcons linebacker in the mid-season finale on December 2nd, but that has yet to be confirmed. The Walking Dead returns this Sunday on AMC. You can check out two sneak-peak videos from this week’s episode below.

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