William Shatner’s new app – Shatoetry! Express yourself like Shatner!

Ever wanted to express yourself like William Shatner? Wanted to have your words heard by using his voice? Send a message to a friend using Shatner’s voice? Now you can!

William Shatner has released a new iPhone/iPad app called Shatoetry.

Shatner and Blindlight Apps created this idea to put Shatner’s words ad voice into an app that everyone could play with. In a release, Shatner said, “People all over the world have been listening to my voice for so long, but they’ve only ever heard what I wanted to say. I wanted to give people a means to express their thoughts and ideas, using my voice.” He recorded over 400 words for the app.

Similar to the word magnets on the fridge where you put them together to create a message, the app allows you to choose words (from a prerecorded list) to create the message. Users can choose the words, the delivery level (how dramatic you want it) and the amount of pauses within the sentence.

Once you have decided your words, you click on “Shat that” to hear your “shatism” (another word for your Shatoetry creation). This app also gives you the opportunity to share your work using social networks – email, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. You can also work with other “Shatoetists” on the app or online to create shatisms.

As an avid fan of Shatner, I had the opportunity to speak to him regarding Shatoetry.

I asked Shatner how he chose some of his words – magical, joyously, adventure, etc. He expressed he wanted to use words that people could create something beautiful with – true poetry. He wanted it to be used as a connection between himself and fans of his spoken art and to avoid words that could be conveyed into the wrong message.

Like Shatner’s spoken word albums, I asked if his app would eventually have music behind the words. He said they will eventually have music and plans to update more words soon – including holiday words and Star Trek words. Shatner was recently in the studio recording more words for the next update.

I asked Shatner if he plans to spread his app beyond Apple and onto other outlets like droid and other tablets. He said he’s hoping to expand it to the other smart phones, but right now it is unknown when they can get to it. His team is working on it and are planning to do more with this app. There will be Shatisms contests, updated words, eventually music added, etc.

This app allows you to connect to William Shatner using his words. I personally love this app because I can explain things to people using the words and voice of William Shatner. I cannot wait for the Star Trek words.

The app is available in App Store for $2.99, and is optimized for iPhone 5.

For more infotmation, visit the website: Shatoetry


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