Jeremy Renner mocks Hawkeye in SNL’s Avengers skit

Jeremy Renner hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Known for his serious action roles, Renner got to show his comedic/musical side. Mainly, he got to make fun of his Avengers character, Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye. Renner has been open about his opinion on the character in an interview with the LA Times.

In the Avengers skit, the team are fighting the Chitauri. Captain America (played by the hilarious Taran Killam – whose real life wife Cobie Smulders played Maria Hill in the movie) directs the team in fighting the Chitauri. All – Iron Man (Jason Sudeikis), Thor (Bill Hader), Black Widow (Kate McKinnon), and the Hulk (Bobby Moynihan) are fighting- but Hawkeye can’t fight because “I’m all out of arrows”.

The skit is funny in the beginning, but begins to drag on too long, but it also made me wonder, “How did Hawkeye have so many arrows in the movie?”

Watch below:

Jeremy Renner SNL Los vengadores sub español from Yetlanezi Malacara on Vimeo.

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