Review: Mimobot and Uglydoll Collab USBs

With the age of the CD slowly drawing to a close, USBs are quickly becoming the new standard of information storage. With some ranging into the Terabyte (1000 Gigabytes) range in capacity, these highly portable, efficient devices have become a part of everyday life. Another clear example of this is the lack of a CD drive on most new gen laptops.

Mimobot has been releasing fun little creations since 2005, for those unfamiliar with the brand, Mimobot specializes in branded USBs, meaning themed creations from cartoons, shows, movies, and other popular pop culture icons. Most of their products range from the 4GB range all the way up to 64GB.

One of the most recent projects was the partnership with Uglydoll, the loveable creations by David Horvath which have been released mostly as plush toys and decorations. Featuring the cast of Icebat, Babo, Wage and Ox, it was released at NY Comic Con 2012 and are a fun and cute way to store your uttermost secrets.

One problem we’ve run into with a few Mimobot products is that due to the shape of the USB host (The character shell), many of our computers and laptops were unable to hold the product together with any other USB type. Forget about ever having two of these side-by-side in either a vertical or horizontal fasion. Also, the lack of a strap with the USB was also somewhat dissapointing, but a “Holder” can be purchased from their online store.

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