DLC for PlayStation All-Stars announced

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has yet to be released, but it already has a DLC planned. The DLC introduces two new characters to the fight: Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk. With the introduction of these new characters, they also bring their specialties from each of their game worlds.


Emmett has “Build-in-Battle”, which calls in help from the sky. The video above shows what it might look like in the game. As for, Kat she will be controlling gravity to give herself the best position to finish the battle.

The best part of this story is that these characters will be…I hope you’re sitting…FREE! This will only for the first two weeks of its release next year. After the two weeks is over, PlayStation will most likely charge for the DLC. But PlayStation has said that it will remind people as time gets closer to the release date of the characters.

Source: PlayStation

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