Star Trek Enterprise bridge restoration – only you can ‘make it so’

Growing up with Star Trek: The Next Generation, I always wanted to walk on the bridge of the NCC-1701-D. I was devastated when it was demolished in Star Trek Generations. My one chance to walk on the set of the bridge was destroyed.

That was until this project came to my attention.

In late 2011, Huston Huddleston rescued the entire Star Trek The Next Generation Enterprise D bridge from being thrown away by Paramount Studios. Huddleston and a team of builders and designers have come together to rebuild the entire bridge in Los Angeles, California. They plan to make it fully interactive with touchscreen options for parties, movie showings, fundraising, charities, fan films and even weddings! They have so many plans for it – but just need assistance with the funding.

With the support of Star Trek stars, writers, staff and fellow Trekkies, they have been raising funds and providing incentives to have people donate to the cause.They have opened pages for Indigogo and now Kickstarter!

With 34 days left and a goal of $20,000, they are providing some cool trinkets and memorabilia for each pledge. If you always dreamed about be part of the Star Trek Enterprise bridge, this is a good way to contribute. Until the set is complete, this project will be visiting conventions with pieces from their bridge.

They have already been accepting wedding applications for late 2013. For $1000, you get a one hour ceremony, 26 people on the bridge, 40 seated, a Souvenir Enterprise Certificate, Wedding Director, a staff for set up and clean up, and an isolinear chip with you and your spouse’s name on it, with an additional isolinear chip forever placed in the computer of our bridge. Now YOU can get married on the bridge!

Live the dream, Trekkies. Live the dream.


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