Review: Roxio Game Capture HD PRO

Nerd Reactor received the new Game Capture HD PRO from the nice people over at Roxio. Being relatively new to capturing video for game consoles, the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO was my first chance to really cut my teeth into the technology. Being familiar with capture cards and other game capturing devices, I was surprised by how relativity small the Game Capture HD PRO was, especially since it can capture in full 1080 HD.

The HD PRO allows you to record video in 1080p at 30 frames per second, with options for 480p, 720p and 1080i at 60 fps. It supports HDMI as well as component cables. You will need component cables if you want to capture video from a PS3. This is not the fault of the Game Capture HD PRO since the PS3 has HDCP Protection which does not allow you to capture video via HDMI. Video files for the HD PRO are saved in .m2ts format, which may be a problem depending on which video editing software you use. The HD PRO definitely delivers when it comes to capturing HD video, but it is somewhat lacking in the audio department. While the video footage appears crystal clear, the audio is just not as clear as the original source.

What is unique about the HD PRO is that it captures and streams live video at the same time thanks to the software included in the bundle. Never has it been easier to simply press a button and start streaming live video. The Roxio HD PRO software allows you to log right into your Twitch or Justin.TV account. With the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO, there is no need to purchase third party software like X-Split. Using the Roxio software you can also choose video quality and frame-rate for your stream. There was only a few times during streaming that I noticed the video stream would lag or drop out, but for the most part it streamed just fine.

Also included in the Game Capture HD PRO bundle is Roxio’s video editing software, VideoWave. Adobe Premiere this is not, but the program gives you the key features needed to edit your video, add voice-over and upload it to the internet. This is a good beginner program for those who may not be familiar with advanced video editing programs like Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

All in all the Game Capture HD PRO is a pretty solid product from Roxio. The main problem I had with the HD PRO was its inability to work as bypass while the PC is not in use. Meaning while my computer is off my TV can’t receive any signal from my Xbox. This can be a bit frustrating, but not a big detriment to the HD PRO. The Game Capture HD PRO is a great bundle package for beginners. If you’re looking into recording your own gameplay footage and posting up videos on the internet, the Game Capture HD PRO is an great choice.

Grade: A

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