What to expect from ‘Assassin’s Creed 3’

By Ralph Villanueva

The highly anticipated Assassins Creed: III was released Oct. 30, and it looks even smoother and prettier than it’s predecessors. Some of the most-eye-popping aspects to the new game is the recreation of historical buildings and towns. The attention to detail is mind-blowing, and it’s almost impossible to spot imperfections on the digital recreations of some of the still-standing real-life versions.

As with every update to the series, the graphics have improved, but there’s more to love about the third installment than its amped-up design.

Slowly but Surely

Let’s start with the expansion of the familiar parkour-esque movement style. In earlier games, the free-running aspect was amazing — but only if you were in a city. The options while you were traveling between towns were limited to your horse. Although, with each new game, as noted in online game reviews at Gamefront.com, this was improved, it never really came into its own — until this new release that is.

The nature of this game really necessitates an expanded world to climb, jump, run and swing from. The game is set in Revolutionary War-era United States, so there are no Constantinople-size towns to enjoy. For this Assassin’s Creed to work, traveling between towns and the fighting done in the untamed Northeast must be just as fun as creeping around Boston, which it most definitely is.

Choose Your Weapon

Then there is the brand-new addition of naval-battle capability. Not only can you play Connor as an elite assassin, swinging from tree branches, hiding in haystacks and delivering intense kill-move after kill-move, you can also be Captain Connor, and take your full-sized naval ship into the ocean to do battle. Add to that the changing weather conditions — sometimes from a crystal-clear blue sky to thunderous storms — and you’ve got yourself an exciting, challenging and amazing new aspect to the franchise.

Then there’s the new and vastly expanded array of weapons to use. Because of Connor’s Native American heritage, he favors the tomahawk and some slick knives that shoot out of his sleeves.. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t handy with a host of other weapons— muskets, bow and arrow, rope darts and battle axes, to name a few. The attack combos possible with this many different weapons is almost endless, and the sneaking and creeping ability has been expanded due to quiet, longer-range weapons such as the rope dart and the bow and arrow.

Play With a Friend

And last but not least there’s the new multiplayer mode. There’s the standard deathmatch-style gameplay, or you and others can play “Wolf Pack” style, in which enemies all over the map must be killed before the time runs out . Or there’s domination, which is a lot like capture the flag. Players work together to win territories and take control of areas. There’s no less than 16 different characters to choose from and a huge array of maps to keep every budding assassin satisfied.

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