Double check your Lego LotR and Black Ops 2 game discs today

If you’re going out to purchase Lego Lord of the Rings for the Xbox 360, or the PC version of CoD: Black Ops 2, then you may want to double check the discs you actually have before committing to your purchase.

Reports are coming in of some mixups with a number of game discs involving both games. GameInformer reports that Lego LotR apparently had the demo disc placed in the package in some copies instead of the full version, while posts from Reddit and Steam are saying that the second disc for the PC version of Black Ops 2 has the data for installation of Mass Effect 2 instead of the CoD game data. Warner Bros. Interactive has since sent out a recall on copies of LotR that had the disc mixup, while the current fix for those experiencing the Black Ops 2 mixup is to use the key code on the game box to download and install the rest of the game through Steam.

The most mind boggling part of all of this is not so much that these incidents have happened, but rather both of them have been discovered on the same day. The best explanation one can offer is that someone in the packing warehouse must have decided to play a bit of a joke on the consumer audience for one reason or another.

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