Berserk Golden Age Trilogy Part 1 – Egg of the King review

I was a late bloomer when it came to watching the 90s Berserk anime series, but after witnessing the story, action and violence from the first episode, I was instantly hooked from beginning to end. After hearing about a new Berserk anime trilogy, I was definitely excited to check it out. Berserk Golden Age Trilogy Part 1 – Egg Of The King is now available on PlayStation 3’s Neon Alley, a service that airs anime at certain time slots. You’ll be able to check it out throughout the week, but I suggest that you steer clear from this beast. Read below to find out more.

For those of you who don’t know the story, Guts is pretty much a badass, but he follows an even bigger badass named Griffith, who’s the leader of the Band of the Hawk. At least that’s what we get in Egg of the King.

My first mistake when watching Egg of the King was expecting that it was going to be a different story from the ’97 version. I didn’t know that the Golden Arc title was referring to Guts storyline about becoming part of the Band of the Hawk. We’ve seen this before, so why do it again? Not only does it follow the same story, it also follows the same plot. Even the fight scenes are exactly alike, like when Guts is fighting against Griffith.

If you’re going to be doing the same story and plot line, you would think that the trilogy would improve upon the actual animation. Nope, it doesn’t. What we get is the newest trend of CG trying to emulate hand-drawn animation. It just looks lifeless. It’s okay for a game to do it (Catherine, anyone?), but I don’t want to see it in my anime. Luckily, most of the movie isn’t CG, as the hand-drawn animation makes up the majority. That’s not saying much, since the original series was more detailed and overall better. Over a decade later and this is what we get? Totally inexcusable.

Because the original series had 25 episodes, it was able to flesh out the story more. Part 1 of the movie on the other hand felt very disjointed, and the pacing was just off. Most of the time the story progresses without any setup as to why the characters are there. This is the case of the movie trying to cram a lot of story like a bunch of clowns inside a smart car.

If you haven’t seen the original anime series yet, I highly suggest you watch that over this one. It’s longer and goes more in depth into the story. Even though Part 2 and 3 aren’t out yet, this is a really strong indicator that it’s going to be mediocre overall. With many different Berserk stories out there, it’s a shame that they decided to make a lesser version of the ’97 anime.

Grade: D

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