The Amazing Spider-Man Second Screen Experience impressions

The Amazing Spider-Man Blu-ray hits store shelves soon, and I had a chance to play around with the free Amazing Spider-Man Second Screen App (check out our Blu-ray review here). The app is available for the iPad and Sony Tablet S/Xperia Tablet S. By using the Second Screen App, you’ll be able to sync up with the Blu-ray movie for a more immersive experience. And I’m pretty sure the movie studios will love it, since it’s a great incentive to get people to buy Blu-rays.

Upon downloading the app, I was surprised to find that the file size was 576 MB. Video interviews and set footage will tend to do that. The app is meant to be played alongside the film, but if you don’t have the Blu-ray, you can still check out the materials in the Production Notes section. The Movie Timeline will be unlocked when the app recognizes that your Blu-ray player is connected via the same Wi-Fi network as the device. Once it’s connected, you’ll be able to use the app like a remote control (I’m still amazed by this technology).

As the movie plays along, your device will show you scene specific features including production stills, storyboards, and cast and crew interviews. It’s hard to try to keep up with the videos in the app and the movie at the same time, but you do have the option of scrolling back to scenes from the movie that you may have missed. When choosing a certain fact or video on the app, you’ll be skipping to that section of the movie. It’s a pretty cool feature that allows you go back and forth in the movie. The one thing it’s missing is the pause button. That would’ve made things a lot easier. And if you don’t care about the timeline syncing up, you can always unlock it from the movie.

My favorite features are the 3D rotating models. You’ll be able to rotate the CG Lizard and the model of Oscorp building.

When accessing the Production Notes section, you can access content on the actual Blu-ray that’s not available to select on the actual disc. If there is a way to access those content on the disc, then I have no clue as to where they are located, since we’re given the option of playing the movie, scene selection, commentary, trailers, and languages.

The Production Notes is separated into the following categories: Filmmmakers, story, design, previz, cast, locations, special effects, stunts, editing, music, and creature CG. The category presentation is kind of confusing, since you can only see a couple of categories (accompanied by an image) at the same time as it goes towards and off the screen. Just imagine the Christopher Reeve’s Superman opening credits to get an idea.

So far it’s a pretty solid app on my iPad and PlayStation 3 setup. It’s a pretty cool feature and is great for those who want to explore the movie in depth.

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