3 main protagonist revealed for GTA V

News broke today that next month’s Game Informer would feature Rockstar Games highly anticipated title, GTA V. The new issue will hit store shelves in the beginning of December, but digital subscribers were able to get early access, and info about the issue has leaked on to the web.

The new issue of Game Informer reveals that the game will have not only one, but three main protagonist. Michael, an ex-bank robber in his early 40s who retired after making a deal with the FIB. He has two teenage children and hates his wife Amanda. Trevor, a former war veteran, “drugged out psychopath” and an experienced pilot, is the narrator of the original GTA V trailer. Franklin, a repo man in his mid-20s is described as a “young and ambitious hustler.” Each character will have their own unique abilities and their own story.

In the game, you can switch between characters at any time. During missions each character will have their own role to play. One example that was given was a getaway chase scene. You can pilot the getaway helicopter as Trevor, snipe pursuing pilots as Franklin, or fire an assault rifle as Michael. According to the issue, the game will largely focus on doing heists.

Another interesting note, while you can only control one character at a time, that does not mean they are not off doing their own thing. You may find them in interesting situations if you decide to check in on them.

Everything is bigger and better than ever in GTA V. The map is the largest map ever created by Rockstar Games. It supposedly the size of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV combined. It will feature different areas like beachfronts, mountains, wilderness, suburbs and much more. Also, you will no longer be allowed to buy property. While the game is set around the familiar San Andreas, GTA V is more about the modern complementary of LA and less about the gang related street culture.

Speaking of GTA IV, the romance feature has been removed from this title. An updated cellphone feature from GTA IV returns only now you can access the internet and you can still call up friends to hangout.

This is only a small portion of the info given the December issue of Game Informer. So be sure to pick up an issue when it hits news stands. Also, don’t forget new trailer for GTA V lands next Thursday.

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