Former Square Enix boss calls merger ‘a complete failure’

Former Square Enix president Hisashi Suzuki has suddenly become very vocal about the state of his old company, taking to Twitter by calling the merger that took place in 2003 “a complete failure.”

In a series of posts, Suzuki, who commanded Square from 2000 to 2005, stated that the overall worth of the company has still not been able to surpass that of Square’s original value before the merger actually happened. Suzuzki cites higher development costs as a key contributor to the increasing deficit. Being as blunt as possible on an internet medium, he said that the company has “no vision for the future.”

SE recently announced a loss of $13 million in their latest financial reports, citing sluggish sales and delays on their new social gaming service. Despite the initial success of their published title, Sleeping Dogs, the company still has yet to make a decent headway. Adding further to their budget problems, SE has been working around the clock to bring in the revival of FFXIV, which was blasted as one of the worst games to come out in 2010. The company has recently established an agreement to allow them use of Unreal Engine 3 and 4 for future titles, which may or may not help things.

At least SE is succeeding in one very important key area: making sequels that no one asked for.

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