Regular Show: The Best DVD in the World Review

It’s time for another awesome DVD from our good friends over at Cartoon Network with the Regular Show DVD, Best DVD in the World. This new DVD comes with many of the episodes from 3rd Season of JG Quintel’s Emmy award winning hit series. Shocking as it may seem, this is my first encounter with the Regular Show. I’ve also never seen Adventure Time. I know, I’m a horrible person. It seems like the only time I ever fully dive into a show now a days is if I have something to review. So pull up a chair, pour a glass of Rig juice and let’s check out this new DVD.

I found the show surprisingly easy to fall in love with. it’s circled around two friends who just wants to have fun and do anything other than their job. The concept seems all too familiar. Growing up as an 80s kid, it was cool to see that many of the jokes and references were catered towards my generation. One of my favorite episodes on the DVD has to be “Video Game Wizards.” In the episode, Mordaci enters a video game competition to win the highly coveted Maximum Glove for Rigby. I couldn’t help, but bust out laughing at their obvious parody of the Fred Savage movie classic, The Wizard. I also loved that the episode was truthful to how crappy the Nintendo Power Glove was when actually put to use. There are also great episodes like “Muscle Mentor,” “Butt Dial” and “Weekend at Benson’s.” Weekend at Benson’s also another nod to an 80s classic, Weekend at Bernie’s.

Any rap fans out there? If you’re like me, then you will definitely get a kick out of the freestyle battle rap episode, “Rap It Up.” The episode features rapper Childish Gambino and Odd Future’s very own, Tyler, The Creator. In the episode, Donald and Tyler exchange lyrical bars with the mix master of the mic, Pops. This is by far my favorite Pops episode. He’s just so weird!

There is a lot of other great episode on the DVD and I found it really easy to watch from start to finish.

List of episodes:

-Slam Dunk
-Cool Bikes
-The Best Burger In The World
-More Smarter
-Rap It Up
-Weekend at Benson’s
-Camping Can Be Cool
-Trash Boat
-Butt Dial
-Think Positive”
-Video Game Wizards”
-Skips vs. Technology
-Muscle Mentor
-Fists of Justice
-Trucker Hall of Fame

Video Quality

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Cartoon Network knows how to transfer its shows on to DVD. The Regular Show may not have eye popping visuals with Weta Digital graphics, but the DVD transfer does the show justice. Colors are solid and crisp. Video for the DVD is presented in is presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen.

Sound Quality

Mixing for the Regular Show: Best DVD in the World is pretty good. Sound for the show is presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 surround sound, which is probably not to the liking of our viewers with 5.1 surround sound systems. Then again, did you really buy a Regular Show DVD for its world renown sound design? Chances are no. The Sound Mix is more than acceptable for the DVD. The dialogue is crisp and the score fill out and picks up when things get intense in certain scenes.

Unfortunately for our foreign friends out there, there are no options for Subtitles or language tracks.


Here’s where it gets disappointing. The Regular Show: Best DVD in the World offers little to no extras. All that is included is an Employee Profile database that allows you to read the bio for each character in the show. You think with a name like Best DVD in the World there would be some pretty sick and amazing extras, right? I guess not. This is also not a full Season DVD, so that may have something to do with the lack of Special Features.


Did I love the DVD? Yes. Would I buy the DVD? Yes. In general, I’m not fond of DVDs that include no Specials Features. Usually right after I really get into the show I want to see what it is like Behind-the-Scenes. Who does the voice for this character? What was the thought behind this? Who came up with that? I must have these questions answered! I’m dying to know! After all, it’s not every day I watch entire season’s worth of content in a day.

That’s another gripe of mine with this DVD. It is not a full season. It may have 16 episodes, but it is not the full list of episodes from Season 3. Also, what happened to the Season 2 DVD? I may have just gotten into Regular Show, but I know that the Slack Pack DVD had only some episodes from Season 1 and the only other Regular Show DVD is this one. Bottom line, you can purchase Regular Show episode for $2 buck on Youtube. The DVD is roughly priced at about $17 bucks. With $2 bucks an episode and with 16 episodes, you would be playing double if you didn’t get the DVD.

Grade: B

The Regular Show: Best DVD in the World hits store shelves November 6th. Oh and the Regular Show just got picked up for a 5th Season. Yay!


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