The Amazing Spider-Man – 3D Blu-ray Review

I was genuinely excited when I heard that the new Spider-Man movie was going to be 3D. I became even more excited about the prospect when the trailer showcased the Spider-Man POV at the end. Ultimately, I enjoyed the experience when I watched it in IMAX 3D, but how does the home video version look on my 3DTV? Let’s find out.

The 3D

Shot in 3D, news to everyone’s ears when watching 3D movies. Some of the best 3D movies has been shot in 3D: Avatar, Prometheus, John Carter, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The 3D helped enhance the experience of the movie, although at times doesn’t help the quality of the movie. The possibilities for a great 3D Spider-Man experience is there, but does it live up to its expectations? Well yes and no. The director, Marc Webb, created probably one of the best romantic comedies of this generation in (500) Days of Summer, so his best qualities as a director is telling character driven stories. The Amazing Spider-Man is very much a character drama wrapped around a superhero action movie. So it should make some sense that the 3D falls flat during the drama scenes, essentially 70 percent of the movie. The moment after Peter dons the iconic Spider-Man suit the 3D starts to shine. The 3D looked the best when the scenes are heavy on the action, a stark contrast between the tame 3D, high drama scenes. Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE the 3D when Spider-Man does his Spider-Man thing. You tend to just geek out a little inside. I just wish that there were a more complete 3D experience since the movie was shot with 3D cameras.

Admit it you geeked out when you saw this iconic pose in 3D

Grade: B-


The video is presented in 2.41:1 1080p and the video transfer is quite good. You see every detail and wrinkle on Spider-Man’s uniform and every fold and scale on the Lizard. The colors are fantastic and the whites are nice and bright. Does this make the video transfer perfect? Well no, you see the blacks in this transfer are crushed so the details become lost. This isn’t good when a majority of the final battle is fought at night. While the video is good, it’s the blacks in the video that prevent it from it getting an A.

Grade: B


The audio is presented in 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and let me say that the audio is just absolutely perfect. The 5.1 mix makes full use of all speakers, especially the neglected rear surround speakers. Living in a small confined space, the audio gets lost and rarely do I ever get the full 5.1 spatial experience. I get that with this mix, and I am very happy about that. Everything sounds so crisp and clear with this mix. James Horner’s score, the dialogue, and the sound effects can all be heard and mesh well together here. I think I may have found a new audio mix to show off my speakers, it’s just that good.

Grade: A++

Special Features

Rite of Passage: The Amazing Spider-Man Reborn

This behind-the-scenes featurette is one of the most comprehensive BTS featurettes I’ve seen in a long time. So long in fact, that I cannot even remember the last time I felt so amazed by the amount of content showed behind-the-scenes. The featurette goes in-depth with the story, the process, and the mind-set that went behind the making of the new Spider-Man. The featurette starts off with the story of how Spider-Man 4 was going to be made, but ultimately decided on starting over. It then goes from the selection of Marc Webb as director, to the casting, to filming, to showing you how some of the CGI-shots were made. It goes that in-depth.

Also, on a little side note here, Denis Leary has repeatedly said in the featurette how much he wants to come back to the Spider-Man franchise, so he pleaded with everyone to write the producers to get Captain Stacy back in Spider-Man. As a fan of how Denis Leary portrayed Captain Stacy, I agree whole-heartedly with this.

Deleted Scenes

You get 17 whopping minutes of deleted scenes and that is a lot of footage left unused. Good news though! A lot of it is unnecessary and adding it would’ve been a detriment to the movie. The only footage I would’ve liked to be left in is the Uncle Ben death scene, and the interaction between Lizard and Spider-Man after their battle at Midtown High. Keeping the footage though is all my opinion, obviously, and are subject to the viewer.

The rest of the special features

Pre-visualization footage, production art gallery, progression reels, stunt rehearsals, and behind-the-scenes interviews with developers of the The Amazing Spider-Man video game round out the rest of the special features. It’s completely unnecessary to me, but for those that like these certain special features then this is for you!

Overall, the behind-the-scenes featurette is worth popping in the Special Features Blu-ray disc. It goes so in-depth that you will feel satisfied at the end. The deleted scenes are okay, but most of it unnecessary and the rest of the special features are unnecessary.

Grade: B+

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